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#Horror (2015)

#Horror (2015)

Sadie SeelertHaley MurphyBridget McGarryBlue Lindeberg
Tara Subkoff


#Horror (2015) is a English movie. Tara Subkoff has directed this movie. Sadie Seelert,Haley Murphy,Bridget McGarry,Blue Lindeberg are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. #Horror (2015) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

#HORROR is a film about the lives of six young girls, Sam, Georgie, Sofia, Francesca, Cat and Eva played by our ensemble of emerging actresses. Their world is one of money, success, leisure and decadence. This is a film about the HORROR of cyberbullying. This film is an integral insight on the pressure that girls take on as they grow in a world that is increasingly dependent on the promotion and attention that social media platforms provide yet prevent bullying. as well as the roles that parents must play regarding controlling their child's use of the internet and bullying plays such a terrifying role in society. These young girls are telling this story inside a glass mansion, filled with millions of dollars of artwork, as if they were living in a contemporary art museum.


#Horror (2015) Reviews

  • Ridiculously bad


    Seriously one of the worst movies ever. Complete screen writing and directorial crap. Battlefield Earth and Roadhouse are SAG Award winners in comparison. Apparently based on a true story, the screenplay focuses for far too long on trying to establish the characters as spoiled, self-indulgent social media obsessed sociopaths without ever offering viewers a single reason to either empathize or despise any of them. If the attempt was to portray the main characters as the real horror of humanity, and their mean-girl personalities as delivering its own type of psychological carnage - the attempt was laughable. Seriously, if you've read this review, you've already wasted too much time and energy on this film.

  • Clumsy and Boring


    Let me start by saying that this movie doesn't have anything to do with horror. Nothing. At all. Do me a favor: think about the worst horror movie you've ever seen. Done? OK...that movie is "the scariest thing ever" compared to #Horror. The movie has some killings...but they're all so mild that it's as if there were none. The "social commentary" underneath the truly dumb and poorly written script of this movie is Cyberbullying. A very serious matter. And maybe too important to be buried under an absolutely awful movie. The movie tells the story of 1 day in the life of 6 12-yo girls dealing with different "issues" while having a sleepover and the underlying subjects of technology as a way of ignoring others and bad parenting in general. The acting is as bad as it gets. Even Timothy Hutton delivers an overacted performance that will make you cry in disgust. 1981 seems so long ago for Mr. Hutton. The other "renowned" cast member is Chloë Sevigny, possibly giving her worst performance of her professional career. I already said the script was bad. And trust me: it's a complete abomination. Oh, and you can "predict" who "the killer" is around 50 minutes before the movie ends. And the ending is almost pure garbage. Great, huh? The photography has some "interesting" aspects here and there. And since the movie uses some kind of Facebook-esque video game as an ever present "entity" you're forced to watch some truly annoying montage of social media photos with a lot of bright colors and obnoxious sounds throughout the whole movie. This is NOT a horror movie nor a drama about Cyberbullying. This is just an awful awful movie that will test the limit of boredom a human being can withstand. Stay away from this atrocity!

  • #Horrible


    Holy sh*t you guys, this movie is absolutely terrible, I can't possibly sugar coat that, or make it any simpler to understand. This movie is atrocious. Supposedly inspired by actual events, though the Wikipedia page seems to say that those "events" were the fact that the director knew someone affected by cyber-bullying, but I digress, and feel free to send me the real story. Now, I recognize that when it comes to movies about bullying, or teens in peril, we are supposed to take them seriously because BULLYING YOU GUIZ, and I'm sure some people will give this movie more credit because of that, but the movie is just fundamentally broken on every front. Writing, acting, editing, production, the whole movie doesn't work, and it was a genuine chore to get through. While some may consider the ending to be "totally f***cccckkkked upppppp", there's just nothing there and if there is, it's buried deep under a huge pile of confusion and garbage. The first issue I had with this were the actors. The teen girls cast in this movie are awful. Their characters are completely unredeemable and unpleasant, and the performances given from all of them border on being totally unwatchable. We essentially spend the first hour and ten minutes (no, that's not an exaggeration), watching these girls be horrible to each other, and watch their garbage parents be horrible as well. There's not one character in the movie who I had much sympathy or care for. They make attempts to create sympathetic characters, giving some of them ham-fisted back stories regarding suicide or just having them be taunted for their weight. Now, I don't mean to say that teens don't have bad lives, or hard times, or taunt each other, but the way that they are portrayed here creates an insanely unbelievable bunch of human beings. Nothing feels genuine, with the exception of the total and complete obsession with their cellphones. On the topic of their cellphones, the girls all seem to be obsessed with the same app, which is some kind of bizarre combination of Candy Crush and Instagram that amounts to a senseless mess that fill the screen with indecipherable nonsense for a third of the running time. This is present immediately in the credits, which are absurdly fast for absolutely no reason, and the faux app just feels cheap and stupid. The kids obsess over this app and you're forced to watch them post on it for 45 excruciating minutes. There are a couple of recognizable faces in the movie, primarily Chloe Sevigny (American Horror Story), who I know for a fact can do SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS. You also get a brief appearance from Taryn Manning (Orange is the New Black), and Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black), who are all fine actors, but they just have nothing to do in this movie. One thing that I will give credit to this movie for, however, is the huge number of female characters that star here. This is such an unfortunately rare thing in horror, and I don't want to discourage a female-fronted film ever. With that said though, the characters and actors in this movie are just wasted on such a weird mess of a film. #Horror was the writing/directorial debut of actress Tara Subkoff (The Cell, The Notorious Betty Page), and I say again I love seeing women making horror movies, but this is just a mess from all fronts. Maybe it's just a case of first-time jitters, or something to that effect, but the movie just doesn't work and tries to pull of some bizarre style elements that feel awkward. There's a certain vibe of "Hello fellow kids" throughout this whole movie, that you usually see with adults trying to related directly to teenagers without gathering much context. Now, there are a couple of genuinely interesting and effective shots in the movie, but that's kind of like saying that an album with one good song on it is a good album. The pieces do not make a cohesive whole, and the movie falls really flat. The shots that work do give me hope for the future, but that could also be due to cinematographer Learan Kahanov, but I'm not familiar enough with their work to really say for sure. Yes, bullying is real, yes kids are horrible monsters to each other, regardless of all that, this movie really sucks. Give it a hard pass.

  • #ACompleteMess


    I took a chance on this one because Chloë Sevigny is in it. I think she's an amazing and versatile actress. So I figured even if it's bad I could watch her work. She was good for the 5 minutes of screen time she was in it. The movie is a complete mess. It starts off with two murders right off the bat, which makes you think well okay here we go. But then they follow that up with, and I'm not kidding, an hour and 8 minutes of following a 12 year old slumber party. You find yourself waiting for something to happen for that long. You keep thinking well something will happen, they can't seriously expect us to watch 12 year olds play dress up for an hour. WRONG, they do expect you to watch that. The only thing of significance that happens in that time is they kick out one of the girls because she's a meanie-head. Now I don't know much about 12 year old slumber parties, but these girls seem to literally despise each other. I have no idea why they'd even be at a slumber party together. Anyway, they eventually do get to the killing with completely illogical situations. Even that part is a mess. I can only conclude that the writer had issues with the popular rich girls when she was a kid and had fantasies about killing them. Which led to this screenplay, well that and lsd. I'm guessing the positive reviews come from the same kind of people and or her friends. This movie was a horrible waste of time.

  • One of the worst!


    I really love horror movies and I decided to buy this one on Pay per view because it had such an amazing cast - Chloe Sevigny, Tomothy Hutton, and Lydia Hearst. Unfortunately #Horror turned out to be one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen. I actually thought about turning it off several times but I already paid to see it. First of all it's not even scary! There were no big shocks or frights here. In fact most of the "horror" doesn't even happen until the last 15 minutes. Most of the movie is tween girls dressing up and talking and acting stupid. Also the very talented cast is totally misused. Chloe Sevigny is always a delight on screen but she has very little to do. She had the one funny scene in the movie (involving lost cell phones) and then she basically disappears until the end. Timothy Hutton is a great actor but he is forced to yell and overact throughout the entire movie. Then they cast the gorgeous model/heiress Lydia Hearst and she is only on screen for a minute. The other problem is that the plot is supposed to be about bullying but I could not tell who the victim was. All the girls are horrible and say mean, cruel things to each other. They are all playing evil bullies so how is the audience supposed to sympathize with anyone. The director tries to be cool buy adding images of social media, online games, and hash tags but it just reminds you how bad the movie is. The ending is predictable and at the same time confusing. Skip this movie and please don't make the mistake of paying for it like I did.


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