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Psychos (2017)

Psychos (2017)

Angelica CassidyDeniele Ramos CloutierMelissa Elena JonesAubrey Wakeling
Sandy Chukhadarian


Psychos (2017) is a English movie. Sandy Chukhadarian has directed this movie. Angelica Cassidy,Deniele Ramos Cloutier,Melissa Elena Jones,Aubrey Wakeling are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Psychos (2017) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When three young girls receive mysterious videos anonymously that document their nightmarish captivity at the hands of a ruthless sadist, the trauma of their ordeal from all those years ago ignites a thirst for bloody vengeance. They embark on a journey to discover the whereabouts of their captor, and once located, they unleash their fury upon him in the most vicious and savage manner imaginable. But the most shocking revelation of this chilling tale will unveil the identities of who these victims truly are....


Psychos (2017) Reviews

  • Worst horror film in years


    Firstly why the high rating, this film isn't even worth a three out of ten. Right, the plot,no spoilers but it's about three girls exacting revenge, okay you think like me this is going to be good. WRONG. The film was on for an hour and twenty, that I won't get back. The acting was awful, the plot was awful, just think spit on your grave without the acting, nudity or the blood. Yes when the blood scenes come, there are a few, it's looks totally false and very unrealistic. Do yourself a favor and don't watch this awful movie, choose anything else but this.

  • No one knows what I've done


    The film opens with a crime scene and a man dismembered but still alive. We then go back a day to three messed up women who were trapped 10 years ago by a man named Larry (Aubrey Wakeling) and had their minds and lives ruined. The film takes place in Pasadena, but reminded me of the actual case in Cleveland. The girls find out where the man lives and decide they want to get the videos back that he took of them and perhaps enact a bit of revenge, which we know happens from the opening spoiler. The end of the film has a nice twist that wasn't well developed until near the end. Most of the action takes place off screen and body part mutilation is on a prop that isn't connected to a body. It doesn't look real. The actors were annoying, some by design. The film isn't entertaining when you want to see all the protagonists die. I liked the basic story line, but didn't care for the actors, dialogue, or execution some of which may be attributed to budget restrictions. The script tries to tie in the Abraham-Isaac near sacrifice, but it didn't really fit. Psychos director Sandy Chukhadarian won Best Horror Film in the 2015 Action on Film International Film Festival and Best Director 2015 California Women's Film Festival. Guide: F-word. Implied sex. No nudity

  • Bad. Just really, really, bad...


    I had some hope for this movie as I enjoy movies based on this premise. This movie is almost completely unwatchable. The acting is flat, the lighting itself is terrible (same lighting scheme used no matter the setting), and the script is one of the worst that I have ever heard. If you told me that this was a student film, I would believe you. Then I would suggest that the students that made it learn a bit more about basic editing. I have no idea how anyone was able to rate this 5 or more.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    Trash. Serious trash. Dont bother. Only thing scary about this was the five o clock shadow om one of the "girl's" face the entire movie. The acting is trash.

  • Gruesome Animal Cruetly


    Truly barbaric disgusting animal cruelty. I will never watch anything Sandy Chukhadarian ever does again.

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