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A Place in Hell (2018)

A Place in Hell (2018)

Lewis SmithBrian Anthony WilsonShannan WilsonNoree Victoria
David Boorboor


A Place in Hell (2018) is a English movie. David Boorboor has directed this movie. Lewis Smith,Brian Anthony Wilson,Shannan Wilson,Noree Victoria are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. A Place in Hell (2018) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Inspired by a real serial killer: A disgraced detective on the trail of a serial killer and a group of student filmmakers cross paths at a Halloween fright farm in the dead of winter.

A Place in Hell (2018) Reviews

  • Worst Movie EVER!


    So my dad bought this movie at Wal-Mart and I wish I could sue Wal-Mart for selling this piece of garbage. There is, literally, not a single redeeming aspect to this movie. Heck, the only reason I'm taking the time to review this monstrosity is to prevent other people from throwing away their hard earned money and/or their valuable time. I don't know if this movie is actually based on a real serial killer, but if so, they should sue for slander or something. DON'T NOT BUY OR WATCH THIS MOVIE!

  • I'm Good.


    A group of college kids are assigned the task of making a horror film short. They choose the New Jersey location where there was a killing by a necrophiliac serial killer...kill then rape, not my first choice. The film was extremely uneven. At times it was a comedy and a spoof and at other times it attempted to be a serious slasher, which it never was. I loved several of the characters while others needed work. It was supposed to have been based on a true story which didn't ring true. Supposedly the man who confessed to the crimes was executed. New Jersey has not executed anyone since 1963. Free legal advice: If you are smoking something illegal, don't film yourself doing it, or any other crime. The clown on the cover doesn't really play into the feature. This is not a clown killer film. PLOT SPOILER: The final girl has sex, which goes against the unwritten code of horror films. The film worked best as a comedy-horror and there wasn't enough of it. Guide: F-word, sex, brief corpse nudity (Zaughn Elizabeth Ivins)

  • The first movie that's so bad that I just had to leave a review


    Clearly directed and produced by a dyslexic autist with down syndrome. Absolutely the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life. If I could rate this a 0 then I would because honestly, this movie would have been terrible even if it was shown at the dawn of movie making. The acting is bad from start to finish, the characters are completely unrelatable, the music is just the same mashup of classic horror sound clips that just add to the extremely low quality of this movie. There is only one redeeming factor and that is the one scene as they are departing on their journey where there are about 2 shots with some decent scenery of their environment. Other than that, I wouldn't even make a serial killer watch this because not even they deserve to be put through that kind of torment. 100% predictable, actors pulled from the streets at random and only given the script right as they get on camera, no storyline was present and I'm sure those pot brownies that 90% of the budget was spent on were great, because no one knew what they were doing. There is definitely a special 'Place in Hell' for this movie, pun intended.

  • Great film!!!


    I am a huge fan of scaring myself while watching horror films. A Place in Hell was a breath of fresh air. Not many horror films can grab me and keep me on the edge of my seat. Lewis Smith's performance was mesmerizing, you can tell how tortured the detective is just by the rythym of nuances sprinkled throughout the film. And the Holly character was funny. I would definelty reccomend this film to anyone that is looking for a good time. For me, it was the perfect concoction of horror, tension and comedy!!!!!!!


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