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After the Fall (2010)

After the Fall (2010)

Andrea BowenGreg EviganGail O'GradyRick Malambri
Bradford May


After the Fall (2010) is a English movie. Bradford May has directed this movie. Andrea Bowen,Greg Evigan,Gail O'Grady,Rick Malambri are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. After the Fall (2010) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Successfull Arizona architect Phillip Danville has horses on his estate. After his daughter Jenna incurs possibly incurable spinal injuries during a riding competition, her fiancé Carson leaves. Phillipp arranges for her to be admitted to a specialized institute, where physiotherapist Eugene Gibbs does the best possible experimental rehab combination job, and competitive fellow patient Annie contributes motivation. Home at the ranch, equally hunky neighbor Will Dutton, a veterinarian whose rodeo career ended in a multiple leg fracture, cures the Danville's star horse and becomes Jenna's new boyfriend.


After the Fall (2010) Reviews

  • Best if you don't know a lot about horse jumping..


    It started out really bad, like really really really bad! But it got better after about 30-40 minutes. I had really been looking forward to see this movie, so I was a bit disappointed. I think the movie is best for people who don't know that much about horse jumping, because the jumping and the fall is ridicules. They make it sound as if she is this really good jumper, but at the competition the jumps are very low and her riding is very bad, looked like if it was her first time jumping a horse. And well, then the fall. I don't know how many time I've fell off an horse, but enough to know that that fall was very ordinary and didn't look at all dangerous. The acting wasn't that good in the beginning, but gets a lot better as the movie goes on. And a huge plus to this movie is all the good looking guys :D SPOILERS: The horse didn't fell or anything so how could it get injured? And in the ending where she tries to jump for the first time after the fall, why the hell does she not wear a helmet, I mean, in the beginning the doctor said that her brain is saved by the helmet, but then she just choose to jump without one after her accident. That seems pretty stupid.


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