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Angel of Anywhere (2018)

Angel of Anywhere (2018)

Briana EviganSer'Darius BlainAxel RoldosDavid A. Gregory
James Kicklighter


Angel of Anywhere (2018) is a movie. James Kicklighter has directed this movie. Briana Evigan,Ser'Darius Blain,Axel Roldos,David A. Gregory are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Angel of Anywhere (2018) is considered one of the best Short movie in India and around the world.

An empathetic stripper plays therapist to the many damaged clientele and co-workers who frequent the popular Anywhere Bar.

Angel of Anywhere (2018) Reviews

  • the other


    Maybe, not the most inspired story. Predictable, comfortable, too soft in few moments, looking for move more than to challenge. But a nice film about the other and need to confess , inspired way for build the atmosphere, reasonable performances, well crafted end who you suppose and, more important, good use of details as symbols and keys. A not conventional therapist and a job who is presented in a nuanced manner. Sure, a lot of idealism and many crumbs from social American literature. But it works. In almost beautiful manner. And this could be not only a virtue but a wise way for remind the presence and needs and desires of the other and the duty of us about him. A special short film , more for its potential who transforms it in a sort of sketch , but for good job of Axel Roldos.

  • A short film that makes great use of the medium


    James Kicklighter's short film, "Angel of Anywhere" is an accomplishment in style, dialogue and character. Running at 16 minutes, James makes the most of every moment, offering a fully realized world and story that keeps you invested in his characters, especially the wide-eyed protagonist, "Angel."

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