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My Husband's Secret Wife (2018)

My Husband's Secret Wife (2018)

Helena MattssonJosh KellyBriana EviganSofia Mattsson
Tamar Halpern


My Husband's Secret Wife (2018) is a English movie. Tamar Halpern has directed this movie. Helena Mattsson,Josh Kelly,Briana Evigan,Sofia Mattsson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. My Husband's Secret Wife (2018) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Recently married, AVERY (28) finds out that her new husband, ALEX (35), has another wife. Devastated, Avery decides that the only decent thing to do is to inform the other wife, MELANIE (30), of Alex's deception. But instead of being angry with Alex, motherless Melanie seeks to steal Avery's son, Jack, and to eliminate the competition.


My Husband's Secret Wife (2018) Reviews

  • So so Dumb!


    Where do I begin? The Bad acting, the ridiculous plot, the fake duck tape? I think my kids could have put together a better movie.

  • Better than average thriller with an attractive cast


    This is quite a well made thriller with an attractive cast and an above average story for a Lifetime thriller. Helena Mattson who is very pretty plays a widow with a young son. She marries a man after a whirlwind romance. But as the title suggests he has a wife already. Brianna Evigan plays the wacko wife quite well. Things progress to an expected showdown but the way things unfold is exciting and the acting is pretty good. All that for a little boy? Helena's real life sister plays her sister here. Worth watching.

  • back to the lame, packaged pap I thought LMN had left behind


    The story is almost unwatchable - plot points so unbelievable and telegraphed so blatantly! The acting isn't much better, though I'm not sure how much freedom the actors had. The ending 'reveal' is completely unsurprising and doesn't help explain the characters behavior

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