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Antboy 3 (2016)

Oscar DietzAmalie Kruse JensenSamuel Ting GrafAstrid Juncher-Benzon
Ask Hasselbalch


Antboy 3 (2016) is a Danish movie. Ask Hasselbalch has directed this movie. Oscar Dietz,Amalie Kruse Jensen,Samuel Ting Graf,Astrid Juncher-Benzon are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Antboy 3 (2016) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy movie in India and around the world.

Exofarm has a new CEO. The new CEO wants to control the world. Antboy tries to stop her with a new unnamed hero with skateboard.

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Antboy 3 (2016) Reviews

  • Seeing a hero that is their size, isl really cool


    I liked the first and second film more, they are still true to the story, but it is like they are ending this before it has already begun, it is like the characters if the film know it is ending and they are in more then one way saying this is the end and we are moving on. I did like the film, but my kids liked it more, they were still into this universe and seeing a hero that was more their size was still really cool for them. It has some new characters, but it was very much the same spirit as earlier and that was really nice. Location, seating & time: Bio City, Nordisk Film, Taastrup, Denmark - Bio 2, row 10 seat 5, 7, 9 & 11 - 30.01.2016 at 09.45

  • The Sidekick's way to the superheroes league.


    The third film in the 'Antboy' series and probably the last one. If that's true, then it'll be a decent trilogy in the category of children's superhero film. When I saw the first film, I did not think it would come this far. All these three films were decent. The first one was okay. Following, the second film looked much better, but still an average. And now this, surely the worst among three. Watchable, though not any good. The basic plot itself failed. There's no story, just an evil corporation against the Antboy and other superheroes. The best thing about the film was the intro of the Sidekick. At first, it was so suspenseful, yet you can predict that, but once it is revealed at some point, the film loses its charm. What the remaining part is to cover puts the film a back foot to below average. So it is easily the screenplay that failed to deliver. The story continued from the previous part. Albert is also known as The Flea was released from the prison for the good behaviour. But the people of Middleland do not trust him, and so the Antboy. While all the eyes on him, the CEO of Exofarm plans to takeover the city with the company's invention, the Exoskeleton. On the other side of the tale, a new unnamed superhero making some news in the town. Who joins whom and fight against, all the unpuzzling part comes in the final of the third act. ❝To be a hero does not mean not having weaknesses. But overcoming them to help others.❞ As usual, I was not looking forward to it. Because I did not think there will be another sequel. But after seeing this, I felt it was unnecessary. They say it was based on the Danish children's book, but I don't know whether it was just the characters that borrowed or the whole story. This kind of storyline might suit for the book, but not for the film. Because of too simpleness. This same film in Hollywood would be considered a television film probably rated PG for the summer telecast. If you have seen the serious superhero films from DC, Marvels, Sony et cetera, this would seem very silly. But the target audience is the kids aged below 9-10. So even if you watch it, you can't just blame it for not providing you the entertainment you were looking. But you can share your experience, that's what I wanted to do in here. Still, I pointed out a few other things, even if the youngsters reading it, should know them. It reminded me the gap between the two films of 'Kick-Ass'. It was just a couple of years, but the young cast grew up. Yeah, in this you can say they're in their teenage, which makes it the final chapter in the 'Antboy'. But that does not how it ends. It was an open end, without any clue about the future of the franchise. Who knows, they might surprise us with another installment. The actors/kids performed well. Decent filmmaking as well. Only if the story was much better, the film would have triumphed. Especially for a superhero film, the stunt sequences were too ordinary and too short, as well as too late to come into the party. All these stuffs would come only in the adult's mind, but I think the little kids would just enjoy it. So they should be watching it, not us. 4/10 ANTBOY 1: ANTBOY 2:

  • Third in the 'Antboy' series, it looks like Pelle finally gets the girl.


    I have been able to see these 'Antboy' movies on Netflix streaming. They are mostly silly stories for children, but for me it is fun to watch the development and growth, both acting and physical size, of the actors who play the key roles. In this 3rd movie the scientist that become known as 'The Flea' is getting out of prison and an evil woman wants to use his formula to gain super strength. But he has actually become reformed in prison and in the end helps out for the good. Antboy/Pelle is of course the main character but his good friend, a meek and geeky type of kid, wants to become a hero also. In the end he does with the help of a special chemical and he takes the name 'Side Kick', for the sideways kick he has perfected. So the good guys prevail and along the way it seems pretty Ida actually likes Pelle, and gives him a kiss. Good for kids, mindless entertainment for adults.

  • Ant, Flea and Sidekick meets Cruella Dufort.


    So Pelle keeps getting older and now public school is over. He is enjoying summer and everything seems peaceful with low criminal rates in his town of Middellund. He has done his job well and is about to be honored with a big statue of himself. He has decided to start school in another town after summer to his friend, Wilhelms big disappointment. His alter ego, the superhero Antboy, has almost retired but suddenly an old enemy, the Flea, is released from prison. Antboy, as well as the Citizens of Middellund, is afraid, and almost certain, that the town again will suffer under his Reign. He has a curriculum vitae as a child kidnapper and earlier nothing would stand in his way to bring Antboy down.... Antboy is called out to deal with three burglars but as the action is about to start a new superhero enters the scene, much to Antboys dismay and takes over in a very impressing way. Antboys position as the towns big and only savior has now been challenged and jealousy is starting to get hold of our hero. The new superhero is on every citizens lips and Antboy (maybe because of his jealousy) is very suspicious of him. The story develops, not so straightforward as you might fear, but of course disclosure finally settles in as the camera leaves our protagonists joyfully. The force of the movie is its humour, as our hero in many ways resembles an anti hero. Not only as Pelle, but as much when he emerges as Antboy. Small, with a weird suit on and no sign of even the smallest muscle he saves Middellund. A couple of scenes was well told but humour could have been added with much more flavor. The special effects cannot challenge those of other similar movies and therefore the formula should have been more creative. I don't expect a movie like this to give a proper an nuanced description of a given milieu in which it takes place but having said that, it could have spiced things up a little if the whole story didn't take place between big villas in an upper class neighborhood. I went in with my two daughters, age 9 and 11. My oldest almost gave up after half an hour but I succeeded in challenging how to predict the story. My youngest daughter was engulfed and enjoyed the slapstick scenes. On a rainy winter day it served its purpose. Regards Simon

  • Lowkey just bad


    I won't tell you the story because that isn't even a review, but i'll tell you about the quality of this movie. The CGI was OK, in fact, I enjoyed some CGI scenes because they were pretty good. What was unbelievably terrible was the voice acting. It could have been a DECENT film if it wasn't for the JOKE the voice acting is. Badly dubbed (as if it were a foreign film) and at some points you could hear the voice being SPED UP so it could fit the mouth movements, that was a mess right there (they even included it in the trailer). If you want to sell this movie, tone the price down. 4/10 cheesy, bad dubs, but good cgi. The movie is intended for grandparents to look at and say "oh look the antman movie" then just give it to their grandkids because that's what they wanted. its OK for kids under 5 though, I think they'll enjoy it

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