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Aradhana (1969)

Aradhana (1969)

Rajesh KhannaSharmila TagoreSujit KumarFarida Jalal
Shakti Samanta


Aradhana (1969) is a Hindi movie. Shakti Samanta has directed this movie. Rajesh Khanna,Sharmila Tagore,Sujit Kumar,Farida Jalal are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1969. Aradhana (1969) is considered one of the best Drama,Musical,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Arun meets Vandana during a vacation and very soon they secretly get married.Arun is a air force pilot an dies in a crash leaving pregnant Vandana heartbroken.As her marriage was never formalized she decides not to accept the kid her father to dies in between this.Vandana gives birth to her son who gets adopted by a childless couple and she decides to take care of him as her nanny.The child is name Suraj things are well until Shyam starts to eye her an done day while trying to molest her Suraj stabs him .But Vandana takes the blame on her spending rest of her life in jail.Years later she is to be freed from jail and the jailer takes her to his house to take care of her daughter Renu.Renu starts bonding well with Vandana and introduces her to her lover whose none other then Suraj.At the very firs moment Vandana realizes that he is her son whose exact replica of his father Arun.But decides no to break the truth as Suraj might be embarrassed.


Aradhana (1969) Reviews

  • The self-sacrifice and the devotion of a mother for her child


    Aradhana is both an entertaining and touching film. It has romance, love, dedication, but most importantly it's about the sacrifice of a mother for her child. The film has been known as one of the greatest classics of mainstream Hindi cinema, and it's easy to see why. It had a beautiful Sharmila Tagore, it had Rajesh Khanna making his first steps towards stardom, it had some fantastic songs (well, how can one forget "Roop Tera Mastana" and "Mere Sapno Ki Rani"?), and above-all, a very memorable story that carried the whole concept of humanity and love. I think these are the aspects that made the film unforgettable, although I think it could have been left without some overly melodramatic sequences. It's frankly puzzling to me that die-hard fans of Rajesh Khanna write very biased comments here about the film being a Rajesh Khanna film, about him stealing the show etc., when actually it's clear that the film belongs to Sharmila Tagore completely. She is a lovely actress - beautiful, dignified, and she was convincing as both the young lady and the old mother, though clearly it's not her best role. The entire cast makes great appearances, from Khanna to Farida Jalal. The moments towards the end when the truth is revealed were very emotional and moving. This may be the film's highlight, which made up for its flaws. This one is a memorable picture, a picture that I feel many would enjoy watching.

  • I now understand why this movie is a classic


    Fantastic music and a dashing leading man aside, the main reason why Aradhana works is perhaps because of the wonderful story line and direction. Though this movie is more often remembered for shooting Rajesh Khanna into the big league, its Sharmila Tagore's subdued portrayal of Vandana Tripathi that stays with you. She richly deserved her Filmfare award for Best actress for this role. Farida Jalal and Madan Puri too chip in with good supporting performances. But of course the real winner here is the music, chart busters all of them. Must watch to know what Bollywood was once capable of yielding before inanities set in.

  • Rajesh Khanna's Shot to Fame !!!

    Umar Mansoor Bajwa2005-11-02

    This block buster movie discovered an Indian superstar. Thereafter, Rajesh Khanna instantaneously became a phenomenon. Movie after movie of his, hit on the box office and it seemed as if there is no stop to it. It was the first time that the screen idol - Dilip Kumar felt a real shock to his fame and his aura being eclipsed. Aradhana was not only a milestone for Rajesh Khanna, but as a playback singer - Kishore Kumar became the most sought after singer with the legendary success of the peppy song "Mere Sapnoon ki Rani kab aye gi tu". The quixotic appeal of Rajesh Khanna reached its zenith in this superbly directed and choreographed film. Shakti Samantha extracted the best out of a young entrant (Rajesh Khanna) in film industry. Although, Rajesh did as many as four films before this flick but no momentous success came to his way. The same success befell on Sharmila Tagore, as well and she also won real acclaim, although she had acted as an old grey haired lady in the closing half hour of the movie.

  • Entry of the Super star


    Aradhana introduces to Indian cinema a great talent Rajesh Khanna. Though this was not his first movie, but this movie brought him acclaim,recognition and Super Star status. The movie has him in a double role where he succeeds in showing different characters. Sharmila Tagore shines in the movie and acts well.The music of Sachin Dev Burman is immortal and all songs were super hit. Kishore Kumar's voice fits Rajesh Khanna's screen image as if either Rajesh Khanna is singing the songs or if Kishore Kumar has become Rajesh Khanna. One voice Two souls. The movie's story is very touchy and is a tear jerker. However, Rajesh Khanna steals the show with good performances by Ashok Kumar, Asit Sen, Sujit Kumar, Pahari Sanyal, Farida Jalal among others. This Shakti Samanta movie is a must see.

  • Best Romantic movie ever


    Aradhana is surely one of the best Hindi movies ever made with scintillating music by S.D Burman & RDB(uncredited). The film belongs to sharmila tagore who has given one of her career finest performances. It has a strong storyline, lovely locales, great performances & out of the world music. It is ably directed by shakti shamantha. However, the movie is remembered & will be remembered forever for 1 main reason - the advent of the superstar Rajesh Khanna. From the opening song "sapnon ke rani" till the climax, he stays in your heart. The charm, the style, the gait, the performance - simply superb. The movies was a pioneering one in many ways :- 1. It resurrected the career of kishore kumar 2. "Roop tera mastana" happens to be the only song in Indian cinema which was shot in a single take. 3. The finest album by SDB But above all, it gave India its greatest's super star Rajesh Khanna


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