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Avtaar (1983)

Avtaar (1983)

Rajesh KhannaShabana AzmiSujit KumarA.K. Hangal
Mohan Kumar


Avtaar (1983) is a Hindi movie. Mohan Kumar has directed this movie. Rajesh Khanna,Shabana Azmi,Sujit Kumar,A.K. Hangal are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1983. Avtaar (1983) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Avtaar Krishen lives a poor lifestyle with his wife, Radha, and two sons, Ramesh and Chander. He works in a factory and toils hard so that his sons can get the necessary education, and live a better lifestyle. He gets injured and crippled while working, but is compensated adequately by his employer, Bawaji. Years later his sons have grown up. While Ramesh has married Sudha and works with a bank; Chander is wooing Renu, the only daughter of wealthy Seth Laxminarayan. When Avtaar and Radha wish to go on a tirathyatra (pilgrimage), they ask Ramesh to book tickets for them, but he tells them that he has no money. When Radha gets sick, their servant, Sewak, enters Sudha's room to get some money for her treatment, as a result Radha does get treatment, but Sudha blames them for stealing her money. Avtaar asks Ramesh and his wife to get out, only to find out that the house is now in Sudha's name. AVtaar, Radha and Sewak move out and live in a shanty hut. Their hopes are with Chander, who does...


Avtaar (1983) Reviews

  • A good family social drama.


    The heart and soul of Avtaar is Rajesh Khanna and his brilliant portrayal of the title role. He is ably supported amongst others by Shabana Azmi as Avtaar's wife and A. K. Hangal as a friend with similar problems. Mohan Kumar is a director who has made several successful films but not any that gained critical acclaim, that is until Avtaar. Avtaar not only was a huge commercial hit, but it is a film that was very highly reviewed. It is unfortunate that Rajesh Khanna had to miss out on the Best Actor award to another great acting performance of 1983, Naseeruddin Shah for Masoom. Avtaar in my opinion was one of the three best films of 1983 and is a must see, specially for Rajesh Khanna fans.

  • Melodrama of Critical Social Dimensions !

    Umar Mansoor Bajwa2009-02-12

    While Amitab Bachan had ushered an era of action movies riddled with violence and was flying high as a top notch Bollywood icon; there was still some beacon light left in Rajesh Khanna to attract the cine-goers with a real life sentimental social drama which proved to be a Box office hit. Although the ephemeral limelight stolen by Rajesh Khanna in 1983 with the simultaneous release of "Souten" and "Agar Tum Na Hote" was short lived, still he portrayed a convincingly strong role in Avtaar, when many a times he mesmerizes the audience with his originality while sublimely touching the latent strings of anguished vibes/feelings. Mohan Kumar as director had the greatest hit of his career with the release of Avtaar. Although, Naseeruddin Shah performed very well in Masoom the same year and won the National Award, it would not be out of place to suggest that Rajesh Khanna was an equally strong contender for this award. To recapitulate, in 1972 Rajesh Khanna was unjustly superseded by Manoj Kumar for the National Filmfare Best Actor Award for "BeIman", a crappy movie instead of the romantic, evocative and memorable portrayal by Rajesh in "Kati Patang". Nevertheless, just and fair things don't always happen in this imperfect world. The times and response of the audience is a bitter judge of decisions made with a twisted conscience.

  • A sublime tragedy


    Avtaar is a mechanic and is survived by his wife Radha and two sons. Avtaar readily chooses to live a low budgeted life but he spends more than his capacity on his sons. He gives them best of education and plans an early retirement only to find that his sons have their individual plans. His elder son, Ramesh, deceives and evicts Avtaar from his own house while Chandan decides to live separately as he thinks his parents are classless and lack modern tastes. While the going is getting tougher Avtaar loses one of his arms in an accident and is lame for rest of his life. Avtaar and Radha are now homeless and lose hope. At this time Avtaar's household worker 'Sewak' helps his master procuring tools required to start as a mechanic again. Avtaar works day and night like one possessed and reach the status of his sons to change their lives forever. I think this is one the most relevant Indian films. This is my favorite Rajesh Khanna film of course other than 'Anand' and 'Bawarchi'. Rajesh Khanna is such a fantastic actor. Pace of the film is fast. It starts with young Avtaar and then there is just no looking back. All the songs are relevant including 'Din Maheene Saal' as Avtaar in the end is shown in a dilemma where song shows its importance. This film raises the most important issue human race have been facing ever since and still have no answer to it. Where do parents go when they are old? Movie has a dramatic touch to it which is Shakespearean- stark black and absolutely humane. The highlight of the film is when Avtaar becomes rich he decides to take up count of his life as a social problem and starts old age homes. 'Yaron Utho' and 'Uparwale' are fantastic songs. 'Zindagee Mauj Udane' takes the cake where Avtaar is shown as an old man working while his sons are shown dancing in a party. It leaves me thinking for days. This film is in the same league where a famous actor decides to change his look to suit the role. A must watch for Indian Cinema goers.

  • Khanna's comeback film!


    Avtaar was a blockbuster in 1983 and, along with Souten & Agar Tum Na Hote, it put Rajesh Khanna in pole position again. Khanna again demonstrates what a great actor he is by giving an amazing true to life performance. His acting leaves the viewer mesmerised and one can hardly believe he/she is watching a film - his performance is so realistic. The film itself has a great storyline, very emotional and people of all ages will love it. You will never forget the acting talent of Khanna after watching this film. He excels on every level. Must watch for Khanna fans and anyone who appreciates good acting.




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