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Arundhati (2009)

Arundhati (2009)

Anushka ShettySonu SoodDivya NageshAachi Manorama
Kodi Ramakrishna


Arundhati (2009) is a Telugu movie. Kodi Ramakrishna has directed this movie. Anushka Shetty,Sonu Sood,Divya Nagesh,Aachi Manorama are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2009. Arundhati (2009) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Arundhati is a descendant of the Gadwal ruling dynasty. It is agreed that she will marry Rahul. A few days before her marriage, she comes to the fort of Gadwal from Hyderabad. There she is drawn to a nearby abandoned fort where an evil is lying. When the evil gets loose, Arundhati is forced to fight again like her great-grandmother Jejamma had to in her time.


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Arundhati (2009) Reviews

  • Superb Movie


    Watching Arundhati is a delight. After a long time i have seen a telugu movie which actually blends the CG and Content in right proportion. This is a movie that must not be missed by any one and must be watched in theaters only. It sets new standards of film making and we can expect more films to come out of this genre which is rather rarely touched in Telugu cinema these days. The story of the film is OK. But the screenplay is fantastic. U cannot blink ur eye while watching this film. It has breathtaking screenplay. Acting by Anushka is fantastic. I am at a loss of adjectives for her performance especially in the role of jejemma. She is perfect for both the roles. Sonu sood is Superb. He must thank Mr.P.Ravi Shankar who has given voice to that character. Sayaji Shinde is good. Rest of the cast performed well. One must thank the producer Mr.M.Shyam Prasad Reddy garu who gave us a gem of a movie. His desire for creativity is seen in every frame of the film. He never compromised on anything. I guess no other producer would have dared to spend 13+ crores on a heroine oriented film. Kodi Ramakrishna proves yet again that he is the man for these types of films. Special mention for Rahul Nambiar who is the creative director and Special Effects Supervisor of the film. He has done a great job.

  • Simple movie with wonderful treatment


    Story: There is a saying that the spirit of a deceased person who succumbed to untimely demise would not leave this earth. The spirit would stay on the earth to complete the unfulfilled task. Arundhati is a thriller made on the tussle between such a spirit (Anushka) and a villain (Sonu Sood). This film is not a horror film, but a thriller. First half of the film is excellent and the second half is good. Arundhati is a film which we can proudly show it as a Telugu film to all your non-Telugu friends. Don't watch it on internet or pirated DVDs. Arundhati is a film that must be watched in a good theater with nice sound/projection system. This is one of the movies which is going to take telugu movie industry to new heights.

  • 1980's Ramsay's movie gets a CGI makeover


    Don't get me wrong - "Arundhati" is a good movie and a definite one-time watch material. It is based on similar lines of "Chandramukhi" and perhaps a yardstick. The plot unfolds at various points ensuring the audience is engaged at all times. Arundhati draws laurels on two aspects - the technical and the performances. Being a horror movie it effectively manages to scare the living daylights at many places. There is lots of blood, gore and unspeakable, so faint-hearted stay away. ∆‬‬‬ Anuskha Shetty:: Manages to don both the roles of Arundhati/ Jejamma with ease. ∆‬‬‬ Sonu Sood:: The devil reincarnate character is borough to life with his awesome performance. Anushkha & Sonu are the two pillar which the movie rests upon. ∆‬‬‬ Sayaji Shinde:: Convincing performance as usual (and as usual, he is loud!). ∆‬‬‬ The actor who played Rahul:: Your role is shorter than special appearance. Go on and blow your trumpet in your neighbourhood about your blink-and-miss appearance! However to play devil's advocate - its a 1980's Ramsay Bros storyline. Old wine in new bottle - thanks to the clever narrative, good performances and use of new technology. In fact CGI's are an overkill. In addition, there are quite a lot of creative liberties in the narrative. Had the screenplay been tightened up, it would certainly been a flawless "Chandramuki". Kodi Ramakrishna is making an sincere attempt to keep his boat sailing in the changing times.

  • superficial yet worthful


    No doubt, its an heart throbbing movie.These type of movies are rarely seen. Because this movie discusses the concepts of Aghora's, yogi's and agony of evil spirits. The visual effects makes these stuff more interesting. The screenplay of this movie thrills the audience. Sound Effects are really good. The performance of anushka has to be appreciated and she suits well for the character of jejamma(Queen). Anyway, the actual show stealer is Sonu sood(pasupati). He has done an excellent job. Even though he appears only for some time on screen, but he did his best part as aghora as a villain. The rendered voice for this character is P.Ravi Shankar has to be awarded.Thanks for the whole unit of ARUNDHATI for making such an magnum opus movie which presents some idea on above mentioned things.

  • A Great Movie with a Strong Female Lead and Villain


    Compared to when this movie first came out in the year 2009, I do think that it's quite the gem. This movie features a female lead without all of the romance. Looking at the priorities of the main lead was quite refreshing (compared to some movies where the female lead tends to rely quite a bit on the male lead). The plot and acting of all the characters is probably one of the best. It was one of those rare times where the villain impressed me as much as the main character. The VFX and graphics weren't as impressive but the plot and characters should be more than enough for that to be overlooked. I would recommend watching this if you want to find an intriguing supernatural story with a fantastic female lead and villain.


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