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Avenge the Crows (2017)

Avenge the Crows (2017)

Danay GarciaLou Diamond PhillipsSteven BauerDanny Trejo
Nathan Gabaeff


Avenge the Crows (2017) is a English movie. Nathan Gabaeff has directed this movie. Danay Garcia,Lou Diamond Phillips,Steven Bauer,Danny Trejo are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Avenge the Crows (2017) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

On the streets of LA, old wounds ignite revenge for an ex gang member and her young cousin.

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Avenge the Crows (2017) Reviews

  • Surprisingly good for a low budget movie


    This isn't a ground-breaking story, but very watchable. Danay Garcia does a great job of carrying the film as the lead actor. She has names like Danny Trejo, Stephen Bauer and Lou Diamond Phillips backing her in smaller roles. This movie has its low-budget-looking moments. But overall, it's nicely edited and shot without those folks doing crazy things, trying to call attention to themselves. It was still good the second time I watched it.

  • Not what you'd expect.


    I gotta say I didn't see this one coming. What started as a light six rating, throwaway reason to stay up later than I should with an unknown movie I'd never heard of on cable, ended up being a solid 7+ rating, an oddly philosophic buddhist-in-the-barrio feel-good tale of existential fatalism and karma. That sure sounds full of itself, but it's an unusual review for an unusual movie. It starts out like most any other straight-to-video undeniably B flick about latino millennials who grew up doing what hardcore gangsters do -- dope, sex, and violence. And it ends as a writer-director's vanity project where sexy but hard brown kids in the hood are substituted for sexy white thoughtful college kids doing dirty in the OC. Don't get me wrong -- every actor in this looks like the real thing, albeit prettier like actors are. There's no problem with authenticity here. And even the dorm-room philosophizing that creeps up on you in the third act, that seems so uncharacteristic, so against "type" that it would flop embarrassingly when delivered by many other actors under other directors, manages to work in this movie. The violence feels quick, simple and real, and very thankfully, doesn't overplay its cinematic hand that way so many LA crime flicks do (like STREET KINGS). It also doesn't cheat us with fancy quick-cuts ala the Bournes. It doesn't say "look how cool I am" like the Wicks. It just feels like ugly, blink-of-an-eye unadorned pain that wasn't there a second ago, but is all you can feel now. As you'd expect with such an unknown film, the "name" actors are there for flavor, to "class up" the place with meaty character portrayals that come and go. Who'd ever think that Danny Trejo would be the guy who classes up an otherwise obscure project with a cameo? Best of all, the writer-director and actor ensemble perform a neat hat trick -- they get you to like and even respect them, but unlike most movies, they don't try to charm you into liking them. You just do, on THEIR terms. It's a neat feat that I rarely see in non-art films. No, this still isn't one of those "oh my god you gotta check out this gem!" cinematic finds. It's still a slicker version of what used to be a drive-in movie, with solid visual indie production values, satisfactory pacing, dialogue that makes sense -- and most importantly for me -- didn't have any obvious "oops" moments or gag-worthy creative decisions that make you groan. To me it would have held most interest as an A-list producer who's looking for new talent in writer-directors to drop 30 mil on. Toward that purpose, I bet this movie's writer-director will be stepping out in the years to come.

  • Compelling


    This film has many of the well-known male Hispanic actors in the business, although some have only bit parts. Lou Diamond Phillips, Steven Bauer (Manny from "Scarface"), Danny Trejo ("Machette"), Emilio Rivera ("Mayans" m/c chief), and Cesar Garcia ("Breaking Bad") all do a good job, but the best performances are from the women - Danay Garcia and Angelique Rivera. The story concerns vengeance at many levels.Locations, costumes, and ink give you a picture of South Central LA that is unquieting. The film is a little long and every so often it begins to look like a novella, but all things considered it works.

  • Pretty bad


    The story is a little over the top. The music does not fit and is bad. The acting is the worst part of this movie.

  • Flat


    I found this movie to be quite "flat" it just was nt interesting

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