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Awaken the Shadowman (2017)

Awaken the Shadowman (2017)

James ZimbardiSkyler CalebJean SmartEmily Somers
J.S. Wilson


Awaken the Shadowman (2017) is a English movie. J.S. Wilson has directed this movie. James Zimbardi,Skyler Caleb,Jean Smart,Emily Somers are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Awaken the Shadowman (2017) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Estranged for years since a devastating and horrible tragedy back in 1964, siblings Adam and Jake reunite once again when unexpectedly, the former receives an emergency phone call from his brother informing him that their widowed mother Evette has been inexplicably missing for days. Without delay, Adam troubled by the alarming news, returns to his hometown with his wife Beth and baby Emma, only to be awkwardly welcomed with open arms by the pervading members of the local cult-like bereavement group called "Gateways" and their rather cryptic guru leader Lawrence. Undoubtedly, there is more than meets the eye, moreover, as the two brothers search for answers in the secretive neighbourhood, at the same time, the dark presence of a grim and haunting spectre seems to be strongly attracted by infant Emma's innocence. Is there a chance of eluding the malignant otherworldly visitor?


Awaken the Shadowman (2017) Reviews

  • Terrible screenplay only surpassed by insufferable acting and directing


    This concept had a ton of potential, it was filmed in a neighborhood I love, centered on a subject close to my heart (recovery from wildfires), and the shadowman concept is hard to f*ck up - but even with all of these positive elements this was an absolute disaster. It's slow, it's shockingly poorly acted, the cinematography was basic and the script was a meandering, dull snooze fest. The filmmakers owe me the $5.99 On Demand rental fee, plus the cost of 90 minutes of my life. Shame on you!

  • Rushed ending ruins it


    Currently half of the reviews for this movie (the earlier half) are 8-10 stars, while the other half is very low. The high ratings are all from new accounts who have written no other reviews. Hmmmm. This is a pretty good indication that the high ratings are coming from people involved with the film, which I think is really shady. I would have given this 5/10, but am rating it lower to counter the obvious astroturfing. Anyway, this is an OK indie project that does its best to be eerie/creepy/subtle, and I can appreciate that. No part of this production is Hollywood-grade, but that's not always a bad thing. My main gripe is the rushed ending. It feels like they ran out of time/money and had to wrap it up as quick as possible. There are so many things left open. Not "open to interpretation," but completely ignored. Like parts of the story are missing. Near the end everyone is spouting overly cryptic things at the main character, and he keeps saying, "What are you talking about!?" Then someone says, "Now you know. Now you understand." And he's like, "No actually I don't." This is the moment I really connected with him. Oh, and then right after that exchange, we flash forward an unspecified amount of time, with no explanation of what happened after the cult did its thing, why it was doing the thing in the first place, or how the guy escaped them and got out of the basement. Roll credits. ...ok thanks?

  • Horribly slow, boring and confusing!!


    I seriously can't figure out how I managed to watch this from beginning to end! This film is incredibly slow, horrible and very confusing! The story is lacking, with absolutely no explanation for anything! The acting was mediocre at best as well, which made for chronic yawning. The ending was completely horrible with no loose ends tied up. The whole thing made little to no sense and was just overall terrible! Whatever you do, DO NOT watch this film! Oh and P.S. this shouldn't be classified as a horror or thriller since it isn't even remotely terrifying, suspenseful or scary. Crap!

  • Awaken the seriously bad script, acting, and direction....


    A common phrase in the film... "You can have anything but you can't have everything.." Clearly not in this case... This was a film that wanted to be a horror film soooo bad.... It isn't. First things first. The script. The are several scenes in the film that have zero explanation. White guy in hoody that stalks the protagonist twice. Once in the beginning and bizarrely at the end with a very sloppy room which try's to give you the impression that he follows all the "shadow man cases".... he lives in a crack house where his wall is decorated with intimate pictures of the protagonist and his family for zero reason.... and one of those maps that has pins with string with circles all over the world... as if he's onto this cult conspiracy. He has no interaction and no relevance to the film whatsoever. You have a scene where the protagonist randomly decides to venture off to meet an old high school friend out in the woods at night.... just cause... She's supposedly some sort of gibbering mystic... from central casting.... she just decides to run out in the dark when they hear growling from her camper/home? The scene serves no purpose other than to get the protagonist out of the way so the cult members/his possessed wife can take the baby to a cult meeting... but then the baby is back home again.... But when the protagonist comes home... the baby is back with the cult in a basement somewhere.... why show the back and forth with the baby??? There's little clarity to any of these conjoined scenes... the ambiguity doesn't come across as erry or creepy... it just feels lazy and sloppy... The junk yard boys...... jesus this scene is so forced... The two brothers try to approach their mom's ex to see if he may know anything about her disappearance.. they come in contact with 5 hostile and slightly dirty/sleezy guys... one guy thought their mom was hot... the others looked like they wanted to pick a fight... for no reason.... they were hostile to the two brothers who were looking for their missing mom?? The only reason I can think that the writer wanted... or needed this scene was because he wanted these "menacing" characters to appear to be the reason for the disappearance or to make them feel in some way untrusting to strangers because of the cult... either way... it feels very forced and contrived... I always feel that a bad script can jolt you out of your suspension of disbelief... this scene wasn't a jolt... it was an assault... I could probably press charges.... The mom's ex totally referred to the cops as "Jonny Law..." hahahahha omg I almost choked on my popcorn... there are several of these poorly scripted cliche lines throughout the film.... just awful. The random lesbian scene that almost was..... (no explanation) I think they were trying to have some kind of sexual energy in the film to juxtapose with the "horror" aspect... it also felt forced and out of place... and they attempt to do it twice.... both moments just leave you wondering.... huh? The shy shadow man with poorly manicured hands.... creepy long black fingers are creepy.... if you actually use them... this guy is totally a peeping tom. Almost every scene is him standing in a corner. Nobody should put shadow man in a corner.... half the time I didn't see him or thought it was a ficus plant. I had to rewind several scenes because I heard "scary music" but couldn't tell why it was playing randomly... The smoke machine.... my god they loved using the smoke machine... The events from the past vs present day.... extremely unclear about their relevance to the present day characters.... it doesn't matter how many maps with pins and string you have.... you still won't be able to connect these dots... The "kid" cult member supposedly doesn't age and is involved in all the tragedies that precede the taking away of innocence... no real tying up that loose end either. The last scene with the protagonist, his possessed wife, missing/not missing mother, his possessed? brother? and all of the cult members is one of the worse scenes in the film. The protagonist keeps asking repeatedly the same stupid questions instead of forcibly walking over to his "possessed wife" and taking his baby away... he just sorta succumbs to letting the cult slow walk it over to the peeping tom... who has butter fingers.... and then we never see any of them again... no explanation. The acting was extremely monotone and plenty of poor choices. Here's my list of the worst: Junk yard tough guys Random old high school friend living in the woods Snot nose cult leader time traveling kid The brother Mothers ex The old lady from the cult The stink face protagonist (seriously) Basically everyone.... even the shadowy butterfinger man. I don't want to bemoan everything about this film... but almost every scene in this film could be considered a "deleted scene" Let's recap: This film needed more clarity to justify the viewers attention... I can't tell you how many times I said out loud... "what the hell does this have to do with anything?" Or..... "huh?" Or... "this is just awful..." If your going to have a long fingered peeping tom scary guy with endless amounts of ambiguity about him.... at the very least build a story with some exposition so we can follow along... who, how, what, and why..... you don't have to spell out everything... but my god try to make it somewhat interesting or compelling. The reliance on shock factor... loud noises do not make a poorly constructed "horror film" scary... The porcelain dolls? Huh? The cult lady's burnt son? Huh? All of these randomly "creepy ideas" weren't so much creepy as they were poorly flushed out devices to try and convince the audience that they should be creeped out.... the mom hugging her crispy son was a nice touch.....barf. I should also mention that this film doesn't set out to be a self parody... it is just bad. Filled with cliches, poor writing, poor acting choices... I'm looking right at you random old high school friend in the camper... in the woods... with crazy eyes and a randomly raving monologue. Her acting coach should be mortified... I agree with many others who posted reviews here... this film must have been a low budget... and they must have just given up on the story.... the end is Not artistically concluded... it just concludes... if anything.. this film is consistently random. To finish my review I will refer back to the random scene where the protagonist sees his half sleeping wife standing in the dark chanting in a whisper.. "they will fix it" "they can fix it" "they can fix everything" This film proves they clearly cannot....

  • Why?


    There hasn't been a good horror movie for so long that I thought even a 5 rating would be okay to watch as in general that's what horror genre gets. Boy I was wrong. First the background music was so out of sync, I mean when you are showing scenery, whats the need of dark music? what could you possibly try to achieve there? Two things are very important for a horror movie, lighting and music. If one fails, movie will not be able to recover. This movie fails in both department. Throughout the movie, we have constant dark and depressing. To give viewers a jolt you don't need to go loud, just change from happy or clam tune to dark and depressing and your works done. There are virtually no element of surprise, although few scare tactics do work. Second, Cast looks flat, they have talent but maybe script didn't help them. The male lead cast had tough time in emoting, but again maybe script didn't help him.A bit of frown would have helped him though. No offense to people who were associated with the project and wish them luck for next time.


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