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Big Bully (1996)

Big Bully (1996)

Rick MoranisTom ArnoldJulianne PhillipsCarol Kane
Steve Miner


Big Bully (1996) is a English movie. Steve Miner has directed this movie. Rick Moranis,Tom Arnold,Julianne Phillips,Carol Kane are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1996. Big Bully (1996) is considered one of the best Comedy,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

David Leary was bullied by Rosco when he was in elementary school. But he got even on the day his parents moved out of town. Now twenty years later, David, who is a successful writer, is invited back to his home town to teach. Everything is great until Rosco, who is still in town, recognizes him. Now suddenly someone is playing mean practical jokes on him. Isn't David a little too old to be running to the Principal saying "Rosco's picking on me." ?


Big Bully (1996) Reviews

  • Enjoyable Movie To Watch on TV


    Big Bully is probably more suited to the small screen than the big screen. Some of the dialogue Tom Arnold spouts out is quite funny. Rick Moranis does an acceptable job in the lead role, even though it seems he's been playing wimpy characters for his whole film career. The showdown is a little heavy handed (eg. Arnold firing a nail gun at Moranis), but was obviously thrown in to keep the movie from getting too dull. If it's on TV late at night, watch it...and then go to bed. Rating: **

  • Wickedly Funny


    David Leary was bullied by Rosco Bigger a.k.a. Fang as a kid. He gets even with Rosco the day he rats him out after he stole the "moon rock". Soon enough David gets his chance to really get even when his parents tell him he's moving. Some years later David(played by Rick Moranis) is grown up and has a son. He returns to his hometown and discovers that Rosco(Tom Arnold) grown up too. Rosco remembers David and soon all hell breaks lose. I don't understand why it is that people hate this movie. Come on, it's hilarious. Tom Arnold has never been funnier. I think it's kind of strange that David was a victim growing up and now his son is a bully and Rosco was a bully growing up and that his son is a victim. 10/10

  • not a total loss


    An elementary school nerd, plagued by insecurity and the need to fit in, lives in a nightmare at the hands of a big, fearsome bully. Nearly twenty years later, he's moved on with his life, has a son, and has made a name for himself as a successful writer. He returns home as a local celebrity to join the teaching staff, but once again encounters his old childhood nemesis who's bent on repeating the same torment despite their advanced ages. Not as bad as it sounds, with two likable, enthusiastic leads who provide some occasional laughs, but the film's dedication to juvenile slapstick grows tiresome after a while. Fans of the actors may not mind. **

  • Poignant and funny.


    Big Bully is a film filled with laughter and tears. It's the story of a man who loses his family and finds himself in the process. It's about choices, how the small decisions we make can affect us for the rest of our lives. Not for fans of Stephen King.

  • Bully gets the boot


    This movie starts out with David Leary(Rock Moranis) narrating about his youth. He has problems. This huge bully named Rosco AKA Fang bullies him around. He never has a time to eat his lunch nevertheless take a trip to the bathroom. So what does David do? He stakes Rosco out. We shoot past 20 years to Davids older days. He now has a son, Ben Leary(Blake Bashoff), and he now works as a teacher. He finally returns to the town that he had lived in as he was a kid. And who does he meet? The old bully Fang. Fang now has a huge family of his own. His youngest son has problems hanging in with the crowds. So what happens when you have the bullies preys son and the bullies predator son in the same school with both fathers working under the same roof? You have a lot of troubles. Including problems with old friends turned elder. Along with Honey I shrunk The Kids, Honey I Blew Up The Kid and Honey I Shrunk Ourselves this should be a number four classic on your favorite list and shelf. This is a good movie to show your own bullishious son and or daughter.


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