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Major Movie Star (2008)

Major Movie Star (2008)

Jessica SimpsonVivica A. FoxSteve GuttenbergAimee Garcia
Steve Miner


Major Movie Star (2008) is a English movie. Steve Miner has directed this movie. Jessica Simpson,Vivica A. Fox,Steve Guttenberg,Aimee Garcia are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2008. Major Movie Star (2008) is considered one of the best Adventure,Comedy,Drama,War movie in India and around the world.

When fluffy, bubble gum movie star Megan Valentine suddenly finds herself broke and humiliated in the public eye, she wanders from the wreckage of a car accident and witlessly enlists in the U.S. Army hoping in vain that it will change her life.

Major Movie Star (2008) Reviews

  • It's not that serious


    I don't quite understand why people get bent out of shape over this movie. If you go in thinking that it's going to be an accurate portrayal of the armed forces then you're just as dumb as you claim everyone in this movie to be. Come on people, it's a light hearted MOVIE. Last I checked in no way was this ever billed as anything other than what this movie is. I am neither here nor there on any of Jessica's career moves but she played this bubbly character well. Whether that may be her playing a role or just being herself, may I ask the naysayers, why in the world do you care enough to be upset? It was not your job or duty to watch this movie so the choice to even consider watching the movie was all personal choice. But yet she's stupid and you bash her for the choice you made. The bottom line is simple, if you dislike her, if you're a gungho armed forces member, if you're all out bitter and pessimistic about everything then don't watch the movie. Don't be mad at the movie or actors because you chose to sit through an hour and a half of something you probably didn't care for to begin with.

  • Cute movie!


    While completely inaccurate in all the army experience Private Valentine shows, this is a cute and light hearted movie, good for watching with your girlfriends in a sleepover or with your family in a pleasant afternoon. Not a movie to laugh out loud, not a movie with a romance to take your breath away, this is the kind of movie that makes you go "awwww, how sweet". Which for me, is perfect! The acting is good, the storyline is okay and it actually surprised my expectations considering the title, the cover and the casting. It was particularly good to see Keiko Agena again, I missed her after Gilmore Girls! I recommend it to anyone who is not expecting a cinema masterpiece in every movie they watch, or who is easily offended by how movies don't show reality exactly the way it is. You might have a good time watching it!

  • Predictable popcorn movie


    This role is not a stretch for Ms. Simpson..she plays a down on her luck movie star who joins the army after a rough night and a bad breakup. The first twenty minutes of the movie are painful but it picks up once our main character joins the army. Cheri Oteri really shines in the film and she has some of the funniest scenes in the film. Keiko Agena, formerly of the Gilmore Girls, is totally under utilized and her comic potential is still untapped. Overall, this is predictable comedy that seems like a bad remake of "Private Benjamin". In fact, if you want to see a funny film about a rich spoiled girl who joins the army you are better off with Goldie Hawn's classic 80's film than this cheesy flick.

  • Not a bad movie at all! I love it.

    Hunky Stud2010-01-28

    I am surprised about this low rating for this movie. Well, i loved it myself. First of all, you know that this is a comedy, so you shouldn't take everything so seriously. They may act silly and childish, but it was all for good fun. Second, the casting is good, especially between Jessica Simpson and Ryan Sypek. Those two certainly have some good chemistry, they used their eyes to flirt with each other. Third, some of the musical score were good. One particular piece was when they were eating the chocolate bars. Unlike some comedies which are full of overt gross sexual content, this movie is clean. And I can definitely watch it for a second time. Too bad, it is unlikely that they are going to make a sequel. I myself would love to see what Valentine and Sergeant Evans do in the next movie.

  • "Light and fluffy..."


    I grabbed the DVD off of the local Blockbuster new release shelf. One shouldn't judge a book (or film) by the DVD cover, but I guess I'm a sucker for a hot-blonde in military uniform. I knew not to expect too much of it, and, well, that's kind of what the viewer got, but there was a bit more here than meets the eye. Years back when Goldie Hawn did Private Benjamin there was a lot of hype about the comic and comedic overtones of "Private Benjamin". But, it turned out to be a serious film with humor sprinkled in here and there. "Private Benjamin" was funny, but it wasn't light entertainment. It had some social commentary and other messages to convey to the audience. In this regard I was personally let down by "Private Benjamin", although I understand it as a quality film, and appreciate it as such. "Private Valentine", on the other hand, is cut from a different cloth. It takes the Goldie Hawn film, removes the heavy undercurrent meat and replaces it with a light frothy soufflé. Jessica Simpson doesn't play the heavily laden woman nearing a conjuncture in her life, and is taken in by a more than slick military ad campaign. Simpson's character starts off as a lightweight star who wants to be taken seriously, but is not given the opportunity because of both the roles she's given, and the deeper reason of why she's given said roles. It takes Uncle Sam to turn her into "An army of one", so to speak. And a one-woman wrecking crew she becomes. Unlike Private Benjamin, the Cold War is over, so there's no "Red menace" and/or scare to play off of. The sexual tension in this film is kept light and romantic, as opposed to the expose on abuse that Hawn's film portrayed. In short, it's light entertainment. "Private Valentine" is meant to be nothing more than that. Having said this, and having a loose and tacit respect for this film, I do admit that it could have been executed better, particularly in the first act. The beginning of the film seems cobbled together, and not thoroughly vetted as it could have been. The whole movie seems to have been a bargain production, though not quite as low as a B-movie extravaganza. As such the exposition and staging are somewhat restrained. Jessica Simpson herself is actually quite good in this role. In fact, everyone does a good job, but I was particularly impressed with Simpson's acting ability, and this comment comes from a man who is not one of her fans. There was no heavy emoting to be doe here, but Simpson did show us a diverse set of acting abilities. If the directing had been tightened up a little, then this film, Simpson included, could have really shined and exceeded all expectations. As it stands now it's just light entertainment. Don't expect a remake of "Private Benjamin", because it really isn't. It takes the premise of that film, and, in a sense, turns it on its head to create something mildly enjoyable, and not overly wrought with social commentary, drama and character angst. Not a great film, but then it was never meant to be one. Just something to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you go in not expecting too much, then you should be okay with it. The only warning I'd give is that it's a proverbial chick-flick. So, to my fellow testosterone comrades, try not to be overly critical of it. Give it a shot.


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