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Broadway Damage (1997)

Broadway Damage (1997)

Mara HobelMichael LucasHugh PanaroAaron Williams
Victor Mignatti


Broadway Damage (1997) is a English movie. Victor Mignatti has directed this movie. Mara Hobel,Michael Lucas,Hugh Panaro,Aaron Williams are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1997. Broadway Damage (1997) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Musical,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A quirky, romantic comedy about the complexity and frustration of finding a true love in the gay community. Marc is a struggling actor who finds an apartment in NYC by searching the obituaries. He lives with his out-of-work, eccentric fag-hag Cynthia. His best friend, Robert, is secretly in love with Marc, while Marc falls head over heels for flighty studio musician David. Things heat up as Marc's desire for David keeps him waiting by the phone, while Cynthia gets financially cut off from her rich parents and Robert struggles to express his feelings for Marc.


Broadway Damage (1997) Reviews

  • Maybe............."The Grand Gesture"


    C'mon, World, wake up and REdiscover this little gay gem of a movie. There are so many out there that easily deserve their 0- or 1-Star; surely this little pearl deserves more. Yes, 1997's "Broadway Damage" is probably one of the most underrated and least known "gems" of gay filmdom........why not discover its delights yourself? So, just what is it about this production? Well, hey, there's no weird, dreary storyline; it's lite and fun......with guys who are not afraid to kiss. Yes, Michael Shawn Lucas (as Marc) has a body "to die for" and, c'mon, when he's also as earnestly sincere and sweet as he is, who wouldn't wanna wind up with him. And it would be very hard to forget Aaron Williams (as Robert), playing an endearing "little puppy" of a guy, who'll bring down Marc in the end. In fact, both male leads wear their sincerity on their sleeves----kinda refreshing to think there might still be guys like this out there. Above all, if you can't stand the sunny sincerity of a Broadway musical (but without all the singing), then stay away from this cuz it definitely tries to be sincere.......and succeeds at that in spades. Along with this there's really great cinematography: brite and colorful (how'd they do it with what must have been a piddl'in budget?). Hey, and there's that soundtrack to fall in love with, too. How Director Victor Mignatti put all this together, with no more money than he likely had, is anybody's guess and is a minor (scratch that), major miracle. How does a guy like this then just disappear from directing for the next 8, 9 years? Sad, sad, sad. In closing, one thing to possibly question is if maybe, just maybe, Director Mignatti should'a rethought the title. "BD" might resonate more with NY City-ers, but his own within-the-movie phrase: "The Grand Gesture" might have had more meaning to audiences at large (would the latter, as a title, have drawn in more viewers/buyers who'd fondly remember this film?). Ah, well, Monday morning "after-thought-ing" is always easier, isn't it? Besides, any way you look at it, Marc and Robert are gonna wind up being one of the favorite couples you'll meet in your home film library from time to time.....I betcha. PS: You know what? I'll even betcha this movie is one that other favorite film couples, such as Aaron & Christian (see Title 1, below) and Cedric & Laurent (see Title 2, below) would wanna have in their home video collections. (1) "Latter Days" / (2) "Just A Question Of Love"

  • A perfect jewel of a film


    This film is a most delightful example of what filmmaking can do without a ton of money. The talent displayed in this film is extraordinary, from the music writing to the acting to the manner in which it is filmed. Start to finish it is a pure delight. I rented it for a week and have watched it 5 times so far! We need more films like this which provide us with real stories but an optimistic and loving view of the world. The romance in this film is the best I can recall ever seeing. BRAVO to all involved in making this magnificent film!

  • A fun and sweet little movie


    Two friends, a young gay man and his straight girl friend share an apartment in Manhattan and try to deal with life in the big city. Mara Hobel is very funny as the fag hag friend and the movie is light and comical as it explores the characters lives and loves. Seeing the film in a packed house of gay men in Manhattan made it clear that the filmmaker was pretty on target as the audience laughed with recognition through most of the film. A very fun movie!

  • Most brilliant Indie film of the 1990's


    This film is a breath of fresh air in so many ways. It makes you feel good, and the production quality is stunningly brilliant for a low-budget film. You don't even think of the film budget when you watch it because everything is so completely first-rate, including the photography, editing, original music, and the wonderful performances. "Broadway Damage" is a lovely old-fashioned romance, but since it involves two men, you haven't seen this film before no matter how many romantic comedies you've seen. This film's adorable main characters are people you would love to know, and due to the excellent decision to film this on location in actual buildings in Greenwich Village, you really feel like you have just stepped into the lives of the main characters. The story is a typical romance, but it has so many fun and charming moments along the way that you just hate to see the film end. The original music by Cindy Soltoff is absolutely reason enough to watch the film. Hugh Panaro, who has gone to great fame on Broadway since this movie was made, plays the hot object of one main character's affections... until it is learned that he isn't what he seems. But alas, a happy ending is around the corner anyway, and the ending is just so beautiful and charming, that you really don't care if you may have figured out how it all ends. I didn't figure out the ending, but I know people who did. All of us were totally charmed by the ending irregardless of whether or not we figured it out ahead of time. We need more joyful endings like this one. It's a shame they are so rare.

  • How cute is this movie?


    Two years ago, in high school, I did some community theater shows in a theater that was also used by the actress Mara Hobel as part of her acting school for children (in suburbs outside of NYC). There was a big bulletin board showing pictures of Mara's film work, including of course "Mommie Dearest," (she was Baby Christina) and a movie I had never heard of, "Broadway Damage." I didn't see it until a few months ago, and being a student at NYU, I was able to play "spot that building" since much of the movie was filmed in NYU's surrounding neighborhood. But on to more important things: Regardless of where I grew up or where I live now, this is one adorable movie. When it was over, I felt like I wanted to hug the world. And it's great when movies have such a positive effect on you. Watch this one with people you love. 9/10


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