Damascus Cover (2017)

Damascus Cover (2017)

Jonathan Rhys MeyersOlivia ThirlbyJürgen ProchnowIgal Naor
Daniel Zelik Berk


Damascus Cover (2017) is a Arabic,German,English movie. Daniel Zelik Berk has directed this movie. Jonathan Rhys Meyers,Olivia Thirlby,Jürgen Prochnow,Igal Naor are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Damascus Cover (2017) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A spy navigates the precarious terrain of love and survival during an undercover mission in Syria.

Damascus Cover (2017) Reviews

  • Fine film


    Very rarely are authors satisfied with the film adaptations of their novels. I'm the author of the thriller The Damascus Cover, and Daniel Berk has crafted a fabulous version of my book. I'm particularly thrilled with the acting not only of the superb Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but of the entire supporting cast, particularly Olivia Thirlby whose smile lights up the screen. Thanks to all involved with this. I highly recommend the film.

  • Damascus Cover: I've seen much Worse...


    A honest artistic work: well acted, well shot, well edited. And middle east is always an interesting location. The plot is not the most brilliant ever written but I bet that most of us will not foresee the ending. I don't understand why exceeding in negative reviews: not every film can be worth an Academy Award. But if you love cinema there is a good chance that you'll enjoy the flick. I am old and I've seen much worse...

  • Serviceable Spy Thriller


    I was able to watch it all the way through without regret, which is more than I can say for most movies these days. Nothing great, but not that bad either. I found the sound track kind of weird, the dialogue was so crisp and clear I almost thought it was looped, but I am not sure. It sounded like the mics were almost in the mouth of the characters as they spoke. Kind of off-putting.

  • My take on Damascus Cover


    I read the book 3 years before seeing Damascus Cover. The film really does the book justice. The story is compelling as an old fashioned spy story without car bombs , gadgets and bombs going off. Damascus Cover reveals raw feelings of a broken man/operative Ari Ben-Sion masquerading as a German rug salesman Hans Hoffman. Reeling from his son's death and the death of an operative coworker he tried to save, he is used in another operation that isn't what it seems. He becomes bait. We have a harrowing ride through Damascus and the surprise twist ending . I want to see this film again and highly raconmend it.

  • Well Crafted Indie Spy Movie


    I was impressed by this movie. The cinematography was notably good, providing one with a good feel of the atmosphere of the locations in which this film was shot. I also enjoyed the political comments that punctuated this movie, without being 'preachy'; something that would certainly turn me off a movie. The performances were strong, but at the same time not overly dramatic, which gave the movie the gravitas and tension required for a film in this genre. The storyline keeps you engaged from start to finish, and you leave the theatre suitably entertained - which is what you want. Is this film a big budget production like 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'? No. Is it a good independent movie that will entertain you? Yes.


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