Dede (2017)

Dede (2017)

George BabluaniGirshel ChelidzeMose KhachvaniNukri Khachvani
Mariam Khatchvani


Dede (2017) is a Georgian movie. Mariam Khatchvani has directed this movie. George Babluani,Girshel Chelidze,Mose Khachvani,Nukri Khachvani are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Dede (2017) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

It's 1992. Young Dina lives in a remote mountain village where life is strictly governed by centuries of tradition. Dina's grandfather has promised her to David, who is returning from the war. But with him comes a comrade-in-arms, the handsome Gegi, and Dina falls in love. Is it possible to defy the firmly established order?


Dede (2017) Reviews

  • story from Svaneti


    The atmosphere. as a large circle of customs, traditions, relationships, faith, fears, rules. this defines "Dedi" for a viewer out of Caucasus. and it does it in precise and clear manner. as invitation to become part of this strange, cold, very old world. the first temptation is to compare. with the films of Tengiz Abuladze. yes, it is Georgia. the basic traits are the same. but it has two virtues defining it in profound sense: the vision of Mariam Khatchvani and the status of history of present. the roots are the same for an isolated comunity and the story could have as location a villge from Albania, Turkey, Greece or Romania. but it is more than a beautiful film. it is a great story about roots of ordinary life. about its structure. and about the way to transform the people in profound manner. so, a story from Svaneti. as a honest testimony.

  • amazing movie


    Very good movie about old customs in stunning part of Georgia "svaneti", beautiful views, i recommend everyone to watch this movie

  • drama


    The film "Dede" is astonishing and exciting, traditions, faith, courage, fear, love and firmness all in one film, I feel all the emotion,The visuals of the actors were completely adapted to the content of the film. I liked the scenery, music that expresses the feeling of the film so well. This is a very memorable film for me

  • Religion & Female Role


    Taking place in the country of Georgia shortly after the Soviet Union broke apart there erupts ethnic & regional conflict (w/the usual Russian interference currently ongoing in Georgia & Ukraine's Crimea annexation) resulting in many going off to and coming home from battle which is where this story starts. An Eastern Orthodox Christian country that because of poor education still relies on the traditions of the church to set precedence & govern behavior. One issue facing this ethos is the status of women (a common issue in many conservative religions) where they have a status & value somewhere at or below that of livestock. Although male-centric even the elderly women, poorly if at all educated, also preserve the status quo of God, Jesus, and ancestral spirits to determine the fates (along w/sacrificing a pig, goat or chicken). The female fate, "She must be cheerful, wear colorful clothes, and have a baby." Oh, and then there's forced/arranged marriage, and an attempt at rebelling against it (and the cruelty of people imposing their religious interpretations upon others), which is what this story is about. Filmed on location, w/beautiful scenery & remote villages.

  • Picturesque but poorly written


    The images of the landscapes in Georgia's mountainous Svaneti region are the only good points in this oversentimental melodrama. But at some point even the imagery becomes unbearable when viewers become aware of the main storyline which does not go further than superficially dangerous affairs. Lots of movies like this produced in Georgia only to get their producers on to Eurpean stage. Art needs talent, technique and wit all at the same time. Showoffs help only in short term.


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