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Dust Devil (1992)

Dust Devil (1992)

Robert John BurkeChelsea FieldZakes MokaeJohn Matshikiza
Richard Stanley


Dust Devil (1992) is a movie. Richard Stanley has directed this movie. Robert John Burke,Chelsea Field,Zakes Mokae,John Matshikiza are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1992. Dust Devil (1992) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery,Thriller,Western movie in India and around the world.

A shape shifter (Burke) comes from the desert in search of victims, a spirit the locals call "The Dust Devil". He prays on the lonely and the unloved, those who have already lost everything but life itself. Wendy (Field) has broken up with her husband and wanders aimlessly in her car. She picks up a stranger and begins having misgivings about picking him up when strange things begin to occur. Meanwhile a local police officer (Mokae) tracks the killer. Aided by a shaman's admonishments about witchcraft he sets off to try and stop the beast before it can complete its grisly task.


Dust Devil (1992) Reviews

  • Cryptic, bloody, fascinating


    Very dark, gory, mystical film with strong, haunting atmosphere, much in the spirit of Stanley's work for occultist rock band Fields of the Nephilim. A demonic entity hitchhikes across the desert taking possession of bodies with which to commit ritualistic murders - the crime scenes, their walls minutely detailed with glyphs and sigils painted in the victims' blood, are stunningly effective. Skeptical detective finally enlists the help of an old shaman who knows the creature's vulnerabilities and the killer is stopped - or is it? --Really remarkable; anyone who enjoyed Stanley's earlier "Hardware" should make the effort to find it.



    If there ever was a film which deserved to be called HAUNTING - it's this one. Excellent music, wonderful dream-like atmosphere, masochistically-grim mood verging on nihilism, mystical overtones, a sympathetic supernatural yet human 'villain'... it's just wonderful. Disturbing gore, genuinely creepy scenes, the setting unlike anything you've ever seen before- this is one of the unsung, unknown masterpieces of the '90-ies (thinking/feeling man's)horror film at its best.

  • Flawed but fascinating in places. Worth watching.


    'Dust Devil' is a visually striking, atmospheric supernatural mood piece that deserves a larger audience. Directed by Richard Stanley, best known to most for the so-so cyberpunk action movie 'Hardware', this is a much more ambitious and complex movie. Unfortunately it isn't entirely successful, and frequently loses focus and gets muddled and confusing. Even so it has some fascinating sequences and is well worth renting. The mysterious title character is played by the underrated Robert John Burke, and actor who has had an uneven career from Hal Hartley gems like 'Simple Men' to horror schlock like 'Thinner', and even a brief stint as Peter Weller's replacement in the Robocop series. Burke is supported by the charismatic African character actor Zakes Mokae ('The Serpent and the Rainbow'), and b-grade regular Chelsea Field ('Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man'). 'Dust Devil' is a difficult movie to categorize but will appeal to fans of offbeat and strange films.

  • Very atmospheric and visually impressive horror film.


    The titular Dust Devil is an evil demon that preys only on those who have lost the reason to live.This includes Wendy,who has broken up with her husband and is now making her way aimlessly across the South African desert.Feeling lonely,she picks up a stray by the name of Hitch and the nightmare begins...Richard Stanley's "Dust Devil" re-interprets the true story of a South African serial killer,known among locals as "Nhadiep".Bizarre ritualistic murders took place in the town of Bethany.The killer who inspired Dust Devil preyed on migrant workers and railways workers."Dust Devil" is a creepy and hypnotic horror film.Richard Stanley of "Hardware" fame relies on the magical elements of the legend of Nhadiep,invoking tribal rituals,witchcraft and Namibian mysticism.There is also a good amount of gore splashed on screen.The cinematography of Namibian desert is absolutely fantastic and there are some striking visuals.A must-see for horror enthusiasts!

  • A Masterpiece


    Only this: check the Final Cut version and you'll discover that most of the flaws for which this movie is criticized are gone. With it's 30 minutes of footage previously cut and no re-dubbing,the story makes sense (of course, because of all the references to art-movies such as Jodorowsky's EL TOPO, some things are still left only to symbolic images)and it doesn't seems to switch to one register to another. Also this version isn't regraded, so the (very fine)cinematography by Steve Chivers (who also did HARDWARE) can really give the taste of a mix between western (Sergio Leone) and horror (I'd say Mario Bava: in a dream sequence, Zakes Mokae even moves as he's on a dolly!). Unfortunately this version isn't the original 2 hours-long cut that Stanly delivered, so some things are missing: for example, in the first murder scene (where, btw, the director has a cameo reflected in a mirror), the Dust Devil was supposed to cut the back of his victim, now instead he just reveals the knife. And some optical effects weren't added since poor Stanley's pocket (he largely produced this new version by himself!) wasn't so large to afford them. But, bypassing this details, the entire movie it's showed to you as the masterpiece it is.


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