Hangman (2015)

Hangman (2015)

Jeremy SistoKate AshfieldRyan SimpkinsTy Simpkins
Adam Mason


Hangman (2015) is a English movie. Adam Mason has directed this movie. Jeremy Sisto,Kate Ashfield,Ryan Simpkins,Ty Simpkins are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Hangman (2015) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Returning from vacation, the Miller family find their home has been broken into. After cleaning up the mess they continue with their lives, shaking off the feeling of being violated. But little do they know the nightmare has just begun.

Hangman (2015) Reviews

  • A thriller without any suspense nor tension


    I'll have to admit,Hangman have a rather interesting and provoking premise. But,that's as far as what you can get from this movie. All you will get is a "thriller" movie that fails as a thriller,lacks in thrills,lacks of character,Plot-less and empty storyline,cringe worthy dialogue,and an Editing so bad,it feels like you're watching a high school student's film project. I know that this movie is a low- budget indie movie,but this movie is just pitiful.and the main plot of the story itself lacks in explanations,and it will leave you scratching your head on what's the point of the story,and what's going on in this movie. It has a sloppy visual editing,and a sound editing so bad,that in some unnecessary scenes,there's a sound that will blow your eardrums without any apparent reason. It also has a soundtrack that really didn't help,or maybe ruin a scene that's supposed to be tense. If you are looking for a full of tense,groundbreaking,jittery independent horror flick,then this movie is not for you.Period.

  • Boreman (2015)


    Zero originality whatsoever is to be found here. Follows the mold of every single found footage stalker movie made just a little more oversimplified is all. With a 30 minute plot (40 at the most) stretched out to 81 minutes and most scenes mainly being day to day scenes of the family doing regular things at home this movie is far more boring than it is disturbing. The acting is... okay I guess, the family does act kind of like a family does. The stalker we only see from time to time and he's weird I guess, which makes sense. I just looked at the credits and saw that Amy Smart was in it which surprised me, she was in it in retrospect but you couldn't really see it was here because she was only in one scene sitting by a table with the "hidden camera" being very far away. So yeah if she is what makes you want to watch this don't bother. But then there is no real reason to bother watching this period.

  • Lost the plot


    The movie started out well and had a lot of potential but didn't deliver. The family had no idea that they were being watched and that's a pity. That's where the real thrill would have been. The shock, terror, disbelief etc would have made this film 10 times better. They died so quickly, not knowing what's been going on under their noses. There were parts in the middle of the movie that were dragged out and could have been replaced by a better ending. Was the mother pregnant? With the intruders child? Why did the son say his dad told him not to say anything? Disappointing watching movie and looking forward to the family finding out the horrific truth only to discover that they never do.

  • Low-budget reached an all new low.


    Man terrorizes a family seen through a multi web-cam type setup. That's it. Remove acting, character building, drama, tension or any of the myriad of things that could make a movie watchable. Hangman simply picks up the Paranormal Activity snoozetorch, and manages to do absolutely nothing with it. There are home movies made by kids on youtube that look stellar in comparison to Hangman. Not even kidding here. Had to scrub through the last third of the "film". Possible the lowest quality film I've ever seen. The fake review of the film here on IMDb was the most entertaining moment I had watching Hangman. They're just too funny and always written the same way.

  • yawn


    Being shot in a kind of docu style remember paranormal activity, with night vision and stuff. Well it worked for a lot of scary flicks but here, it did not. The story looked promising but been done before, an intruder in house and staying therefor days, watching you, this time with a lot of camera's and playing hide and seek, laying stuff everywhere to confuse his victims. But, nothing really happens. All you see is POV of the camera's before his victims, really, so that means that he is walking in front of them. sadly, nothing really happens only stabbing a youngster. Towards the end, but by then it's too late, the victims have to die. Utterly boring, avoid at all costs. Gore 0/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 0/5 Story 0/5 Comedy 0/5


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