Unspeakable (2017)

Unspeakable (2017)

Indira VarmaLuke TreadawayKate AshfieldNeil Maskell
David Nath


Unspeakable (2017) is a English movie. David Nath has directed this movie. Indira Varma,Luke Treadaway,Kate Ashfield,Neil Maskell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Unspeakable (2017) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Jo Shepherd, mother to Ben and Katie, lives with them and her much younger partner, triage nurse Danny. She is horrified to receive an anonymous text suggesting that "something's going on " between 11 year old Katie and Danny and, unable to identify the sender, confides in her friend Sally that Katie has been unusually withdrawn. Concerned that she is about to leave the children with Danny for a week she ultimately confronts him, resulting in him angrily walking out. Determined to hear Katie's version of events she visits her at her ex-husband Des's house to eventually discover the truth.


Unspeakable (2017) Reviews

  • Weak end


    Unspeakable tackles the subject of suspected child abuse. Jo (Indira Varma) has two children including 11 year old Katie. She has split up with her husband. She has found love with dishy nurse Danny (Luke Treadaway) who is younger than her and he has moved into their home. Jo's life unravels over the course of a couple of days as she receives anonymous texts insinuating something is going on with Danny and Katie. Suddenly Jo's mind questions everything about Danny. I thought the drama started well but petered out and by the end it was rather pointless. I can understand Jo being beside herself with suspicion, maybe Danny had an ulterior motive for going with an older woman. However when she rings a confidential helpline, I was taken out of the drama. That conversation had to be one of the worse scripted pieces I have seen this year. 'Oh he works as a nurse, that means he gets access to children at work as well!' Of course there was another explanation which the drama was reluctant to explore, that the text was from a troll or someone jealous of Jo and Danny's relationship which we later get a hint of.


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