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Home by Spring (2018)

Home by Spring (2018)

Poppy DraytonSteven R. McQueenMary-Margaret HumesKix Brooks
Dwight H. Little


Home by Spring (2018) is a English movie. Dwight H. Little has directed this movie. Poppy Drayton,Steven R. McQueen,Mary-Margaret Humes,Kix Brooks are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Home by Spring (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

When an ambitious event planner gets an opportunity she can't refuse, she goes undercover as her boss and returns to her rural hometown. With the help of her family and the man she left behind, she pulls off the perfect spring retreat, but will she discover home is where her heart is?

Home by Spring (2018) Reviews

  • An obviously Hallmark Dud!


    A very boring premise of girl working for an event planner who works behind her boss's back. She commits a dangerous unsafe act of sticking a metal knife into the blower to restart it. Who in their right mind would do that?! Hallmark has a small rep of having unsafe acts being committed on film. Now, the movie is very formulaic about a girl who goes back home and runs into a cynical ex-boyfriend. They somehow could not make it work so they went their separate ways until now. She recruits/bribes him into with her. He "hates" and fights like a whiny brat until he falls in love again. A bore.

  • Sweet and saucy plus the scenery is spectacular!


    Loretta (Poppy Drayton) is from a small city in Louisiana, where she now works as an event planner for a lovely country hotel. Despite the place being very beautiful, there are not a great many events to plan in the area. In addition, Loretta longs for a chance to see the world and work in a large city, arranging hoity toity affairs. Therefore, in spite of a longtime boyfriend, Wayne (Steven R. McQueen), Lori makes the decision to move to LA and work with well-known planner, Amy. Wayne is miffed and semi-heartbroken. Fast forwarding two years, Loretta has risen the ranks but when her boss stiffs her for a promotion, she is hurt. By chance, an attorney crosses paths with Lori and, pretending to be her boss, Lori takes the requested job to pair the lawyer with his future pa-in-law in a rustic setting. This is because the older man likes the outdoors and won't give his blessing to his daughter marrying a sissy! What place could be better than Lori's town in Louisiana, where there is fishing, hiking, and bird-watching? That's right, Loretta takes the odd pair there. But, of course, Wayne has to pretend her name is Amy and is not very happy his ex is lying, even if its a white lie. Plus, does Loretta have any feelings for Wayne anymore? Does Wayne still have eyes for Loretta? Will the lawyer gain admiration from his grouchy future relative? This is a sweet and saucy romance from, what else, Hallmark company. It's terrific with spectacular scenery, nice scripting, and fine direction. Spring into action, fans, and bring this home.

  • Can things that start out a lie end up well?


    Paul starts right off with "I hate liars." I do too, at least stories based on lies and impersonations. (I also think a man who answers the phone of a virtual stranger has no room to talk.) But there is something about Poppy Drayton as Loretta. She isn't the drop dead gorgeous glamorous diva. But the girl inside is sweet. Loretta is a bit uptight. For me, she was the only positive thing about this movie, but even her appeal fades. (Question though - how does anyone believe this spite who looks like a teenager could be the boss of a major agency?) Steven R. McQueen as Wayne is a jerk. It seems like he goes out of his way to annoy. And does he care about anyone other than himself? Or does he have any particular talents? He even tries to sabotage what he knows Loretta is trying to do. Repeatedly. There is no reason for Loretta to like him in the least. For me, this type of movie is about the chemistry between the leads. And most of the movie the chemistry between Wayne and Loretta was anywhere from terrible to fair. The story is about what you'd expect until there is an interesting twist that livens things up a bit about 2/3rds. But overall - No, I don't buy it. Kix Brooks performs a short song which I'm not sure would appeal that much to anyone not into that style.

  • Good ending but misses in middle


    I liked the actors but didn't like the lie that threads throughout the movie. The Howard character almost ruins the movie. The ending was nice though.

  • Cute cast with a "Working Girl" formula story


    The cast is better than average in this Hallmark romance. Poppy Drayton is cute and does a really good American accent and she isn't perky - a common Hallmark heroine flaw. She is nicely paired with Steven R McQueen from Vampire Diaries who plays the ex Boyfriend from the small town she left. He shows he can do romantic roles too. Michael Welch from Twilight plays the not so suited current Boyfriend. It's nice the cast isn't the over the hill type Hallmark often casts. The setting isn't that picturesque. Could have chosen a more beautiful lake. Couple of faults in the "Working Girl" story - the deception thing wears a bit thin after a while. The formula ending is expected from the beginning as in most Hallmark movies but to give up her career that she fought so hard for us just getting annoying. Can't the guy move to the big city for a change?


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