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Winter Love Story (2019)

Winter Love Story (2019)

Jen LilleyKevin McGarryMary-Margaret HumesLaura Miyata
T.W. Peacocke


Winter Love Story (2019) is a English movie. T.W. Peacocke has directed this movie. Jen Lilley,Kevin McGarry,Mary-Margaret Humes,Laura Miyata are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Winter Love Story (2019) is considered one of the best Romance movie in India and around the world.

When first-time author Cassie Winslett is paired with successful author Elliot Somersby on a road trip to promote their books, she learns to believe in herself and her talent. She also finds truth in the old adage "you can't judge a book by its cover" as she finds herself falling for the guy she thought to be pompous and full of himself when they first met.


Winter Love Story (2019) Reviews

  • Cute movie: at this point we are used to these type of endings.


    Cassie is a new writer and in order to promote her book her editor proposes she goes on a book tour with their most famous writer, Elliot. Road trip time! During the ride, they read each others books and become close. (Don't they always?) I really liked this concept. If there is a book I will probably love it. Jen Lilley's character, as most of the them, is an amiable person. Kevin McGarry is becoming one of my favorite and I thought their chemistry was good. They actually made me laugh at the end. Speaking of the ending... I didn't think the last three minutes were bad, they did the best they could with the HORRIBLE AND DRAMATIC pre-ending (my word for it) problem. Which I hated. We had had worst endings, that were extremely rushed (proposals), but the last scene was even adorable. To sum up, it was a cute movie. So was the dog.

  • very cute, looking forward to more


    So cute! I wish the inns and cabins they stayed at were real places to visit - they look so cozy! I actually really liked the ending! Also, it was funny to see what was supposed to be Princeton, New York, Boston, Albany and Buffalo! (all places I've either lived or have close family who live there) I look forward to seeing both Jen Lilley and Kevin McGarry in more Hallmark movies!

  • Jen Lilly is the next Hallmark superstar.


    Bookstores? Really? Hallmark writers live in the 1990s. However, Jen Lilly is super cute and full of life, lifting this pedestrian movie up over the drek that Hallmark puts out this time of year. And Mary-Margaret Humes is criminally underused. And as for the critic above who hated the ending, too bad. It's the ending I wanted.

  • So close to perfect


    This entertaining story follows the standard hallmark movie formula but manages to rise above it. Would've been much better if the female lead character hadn't been such an insecure spoiled brat that you wonder why any of the people around her even try. But the guy does and makes up for her shortcomings. It helps that the two actors have good chemistry, and that the male character is so likeable.

  • Wittier than the usuals Hallmark romance


    Jen Lilley and Kevin McGarry play authors on a book tour together and of course romance ensues. He is a successful fantasy writer and she does romance. There is some witty banter along the way a bit more sparkling than the usual Hallmark romance.

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