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Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon (2015)

Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon (2015)

AsamiKirara AsukaHiroaki IwanagaRyûnosuke Kawai
Ken'ichi Fujiwara


Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon (2015) is a Japanese movie. Ken'ichi Fujiwara has directed this movie. Asami,Kirara Asuka,Hiroaki Iwanaga,Ryûnosuke Kawai are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon (2015) is considered one of the best Action movie in India and around the world.

Set in the near future in a lawless world. Kurisu Saotome (Kirara Asuka) is a beautiful woman, but she is also a deadly bounty hunter. She wears an armored suit, possessing great power, and she is known as Iron Girl. Kurisu Saotome doesn't remember who she really is or where she comes from. To regain her memory, she continues her lonely battle.


Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon (2015) Reviews

  • Cheesy Japanese exploitation flick


    This is a pretty average Japanese exploitation flick. It contains violence, nudity and a loose the world has gone to hell sort of story. The main character is played by Kirara Asuka, who's more known for pornography than acting. Her character lost her memory and has to fight the bad guys to get it back. The effects are sometimes OK, sometimes not. The action and nudity is acceptable. It's sort of humorous at times. And the theme of women controlling men with Vaginapower is kind of fun. If you want nothing more than a pretty entertaining, stupid Japanese exploitation flick: here you go. Enjoy.


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