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Raivu (2014)

Raivu (2014)

AsamiYûka EdaAkiko IkuinaMari Iriki
Noboru Iguchi


Raivu (2014) is a Japanese movie. Noboru Iguchi has directed this movie. Asami,Yûka Eda,Akiko Ikuina,Mari Iriki are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Raivu (2014) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

On the morning of a certain Tuesday, a mysterious "death race" is suddenly announced on television. Viewers are enthralled by the excitement of the competition, with participants, their loved ones held hostage, getting knocked out of the race one after another in unpredictable ways. Meanwhile, survivors refer to a guide book issued to each participant for tips on how to succeed.


Raivu (2014) Reviews

  • Keep on running


    Japanese movies sometimes feel far out (off?) for western audiences. Now this is either an exciting sentiment or something that some consider dreadful. Whether you like the weirdness or not will determine your attitude towards the movie itself. Having to win a race like the one in this movie can be considered anything but normal. But you wouldn't like it any other way (or maybe you would, but I wouldn't). Not every idea lights up and I guess the big reveal can be considered a downfall by some or not a big surprise considering everything else that is going on or rather went on before that. I liked it, though I do realize it has its flaws even its inner logic and weirdness

  • Running out of breath fairly quickly


    As far as splatter/gore Japanse movies go this on is rather average, actually it's a bit below that. The entire story is quickly summed up: Several people are being coaxed/forced into taking part in some sort of "game", which is based on a book. Survival depends on quick wits, knowledge of the book and some luck. If you do not participate, someone you care for (or love) is being killed. Little bit of Running Man here, little bit of Battle Royale here and a lot of Japanese gore all over the place. Unfortunately the movie does not live up to that expectation and drifts oftentimes towards the absurd. Little gimmicks include, but are not limited to: some nudity, excessive (yet silly) violence, gore, some sideboob, underskirt shots, slapstick and your typical Japanese jokes/jabs on society. The entire time the plot meanders between funny and silly on the one hand and between action and comedy on the other hand. So, it's neither beef nor fish, and that is what ruins it, IMO. If it would have stayed on one path it probably would have been better. However, for fans of Japanese gore (Asami stars in it ;) ) it surely is entertaining, if nothing else. Just do not expect too much, k?


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