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Love Everlasting (2016)

Love Everlasting (2016)

Emily ProcterChristie BurkeLucky Blue SmithMadison Bontempo
Rob Diamond


Love Everlasting (2016) is a English movie. Rob Diamond has directed this movie. Emily Procter,Christie Burke,Lucky Blue Smith,Madison Bontempo are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Love Everlasting (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Bridger Jenkins, a senior in high school, is an outsider with hidden scars and a lifelong dream to see the ocean. Living in poverty, his mother has done everything in her power to give her son a good life, but their world is once again turned upside down when Bridger's abusive stepfather threatens their lives. On the road with only 197 dollars to their name, Bridger and his mother embark on the journey of a lifetime. But a series of obstacles foil their plan and they end up stuck in the middle of nowhere - a small town that will prove to change their destiny. When Bridger has a chance encounter with a brown-eyed beauty shrouded in insecurity, sparks fly and an everlasting bond is ignited between two misfits longing for acceptance and true love.


Love Everlasting (2016) Reviews

  • Suspend disbelief at the door, bring lots of Kleenex


    Said it before and I will say it again. There is nothing wrong with the Indies, especially those expressing the vision of a single writer/director. They provide a place to improve skills, learn your craft, produce a better product. I have reviewed dozens of indies here and I expect to review a dozen more in the years ahead. But, indie or not, the audience is entitled to certain minimum levels of plausibility and character building, which unfortunately is in short supply here. Writer/Director Rob Diamond with hindsight may have stretched himself too thin. The core story is about a mother and son who escape an abusive relationship and go on the run with less than $200 in their pockets. The mother is textbook perfect, think Amy Adams on a good day. (Well played by Emily Proctor). The son (Lucky Blue Smith) looks like he escaped from the cover of Esquire (which I think he actually did) and suffers from a major medical problem. Which is aggravated by the fact that every school bully who meets him instantly wants to beat the snot out of him since he looks so damn good. On the run, their vehicle dies but -- back to suspension of disbelief again -- the car mechanic that they cannot afford to pay even for the tow "takes them in" with free room and board. Hold on, more disbelief to come. The mechanic, a widower, has a daughter who is psychologically scarred from a gun accident. Now, if you did not know that, and walked into the film late, you would look at the girl (Christie Burke) and see a supermodel who never wears makeup and has what appears to be a cat scratch on her right cheek. But according to the script, she is a damsel in distress who finally finds true love and acceptance from the equally attractive boy who is now staying in her dad's trailer... see? All these plot issues might have been solved by great writing, or great acting, or great directing. But the fact is that the entire film just sorts of floats by over its 90 minute length, milking these weak plot points for whatever they are worth. Which, at the end of the day, is not a lot.

  • Heartfelt and engaging


    I enjoyed this movie. There was plenty of humor. There were very touching moments that had the tears streaming down my face. I felt that Lucky did a great job. It is a lot harder to convey emotion without words, and he was awesome at this. He is very engaging to watch. Landon did an excellent job as the teacher. He was very believable and I enjoyed his character. Emily did a great job and I enjoy her as an actress. Shawn did a wonderful job with his character. Christie was very believable and I enjoyed her chemistry with Lucky. The other supporting actors were believable and fun to watch. I was drawn into this story. My only criticism is, I would've enjoyed more of a backstory on Lucky's character's condition. I thought the scenery and music were wonderful. This is an enjoyable movie to watch.

  • Exceeded my expectations by 1000!!


    I watched this moving three days ago, thinking that I might hate it, to be honest. All I knew about Lucky was that he was VERY famous and was a model. The trailer seemed okay, but even then, I judged it- like one review- as a few super models thrown together, but I was floored with how much I loved the characters and storyline! The acting was phenomenal, Christie wasn't just crying to cry (some actresses can fart tears, but her's were really from a deep place), Landon did such an awesome job as a teacher and wasn't anything like he is in person and of course his timing is spot on- never fake..., LUCKY- wow, I really saw humility in this guy and forgot that he was a catwalk model/famous/well known Mormon, and totally bought that he was a humble kid with a good heart that has a SOUL. First off, the storyline draws a lot upon Pride and Prejudice, besides the use of quotes from the book. I REALLY loved hearing the quotes from the book. This wasn't some light teen drama, the storyline really had some deep connotations and was very well written. They addressed insecurity, depression, bullying- very deep issues that are too often overly dramatized or ignored- but it was portrayed very well. Teens and adults, could all learn something from this film. Another aspect of the acting, character development (something that Rob is actually VERY good at developing in a movie, better than any director I know- character development- acting from a sincere place...) were all portraying such humility. There was a stark contrast between hatefully bullies of the world and people who are giving, kind and forgiving. In a world of increased makeup obsession, girls wearing loads of makeup and obsessing over material things, a movie about being happy despite poverty, portraying beauty without a pound of makeup, you see one cell phone- but no ipads, computers- teens living and enjoying life without all that is pretty awesome; this is something the movie industry has been missing- and another thing that I loved about this movie. The Father of Christie's character and Lucky's screen mom both played their characters in such an endearing manner- such humility is all that I can think of to describe it, and I wasn't sure how I'd like the screen mom- having seen CSI-Miami- I never saw that heart in her character before, but her acting was really well done. (backstory, I lived in Utah and knew many people involved- so I developed judgements the past year or so- from photos I've seen and whatnot- but seriously underestimated how well the acting was and how well the film was done). Only the beginning was a tad rushed, I would like to have know more of the backstory, more dialogue, before they bolt and in the car. However, Lucky's acting right off was honest and he really committed to his role, I thought he truly was going to pass out... The storyline was great.Background music was great. Though it was a drama, I didn't feel dragged down, it had a great message that I think everyone could take from, but if you don't like humble people, references to the best book ever written, great acting... then you're not smart enough to appreciate this movie ;)

  • Horrible ending, but I liked it


    Spoilers ahead... I did enjoy it. It was a random Roku find, thought it would be good to fall asleep to, and ended up watching the whole thing. But... The acting is spotty... none of the performances were incredible, but most were convincing enough. The writing and directing... In some cases - like with Albert (the desperately, and slightly bitterly, in love but friendzoned guy) - the characters seem to almost be caricatures, like they were supposed to fill a comedic role, which just seemed out of place. You get some very cliché dialogue that does effectively move the story along, but seemed very by-the-numbers. There's a random cast of characters (mostly Clover's former friends), who just seem like convenient plot devices who pop in when called for, but who aren't really developed beyond that... you kind of have to take the premise of Clover's distress based simply on a nightmare/flashback, and take seemingly incidental motives (ex: from Bo, I think his name was) based purely on that, just to have them all come back in near the end to drive the plot forward. Point being: it's far from a perfect movie. But there's something idyllic and pastoral about it all, both in atmosphere/feeling and the storyline. At it's core, it's a solid coming-of-age love story between Bridger and Clover, both with their own psychological (and physical) scars... don't try to make sense of them both being very attractive, but (in Clover's case) psychologically scarred by what looks like some moderate eczema by her ear (it's a scar from a gunshot, k?). Their relationship develops slowly (I mean, until the montage to cover a few months at once), and both of their characters are actually developed well - certainly their bond with each other. And as much of a coming-of-age cliché as it is, it's really effective and is bound to give anyone the feels. Rustic settings, open skies, somewhat atmospheric music in the background - and a love story that perfectly fits that. There's also an endearing (though again, underdeveloped) love story between their parents, Helen and Will, which has a similar pace and a similar lost-people-finding-each-other vibe. This feeling of being lost, but forming connections through that, is a huge theme in the film, and - whether fully developed or not - has this calming, lulling pace with a sense of sincerity that was very impressive... again, with settings that seemed to perfect match that, and actually added to the story. Of course, you also had the savior/mentor (Bridger's shop teacher, whose name escapes me), and... while not the best developed dynamic in film, there is something very beautiful and sincere about it. The ending, however, is bad. Or... it's not bad, but it's annoying. Bridger is hospitalized; he wakes up from a coma and immediately proposes to Clover (obviously, right? Marriage makes for a wholesome teen love story, I guess). Fine, good for them - so you see them on the open road, heading for the ocean, Bridger continuing the journey he and his mother set-out on at the beginning of the film. Perfect ending... Wow! Very powerful, these outcasts finding each other and sense of freedom together. Naw, they have to get to the ocean. So, they're sitting there, looking out at the ocean, their parents (who came along on their honeymoon, of course) sit there with them, all staring out to the ocean. Great, good ending. Nope! Parents leave, Bridger and Clover are there, screen darkens, Bridger and Clover are in bed together. Ah! the real prize her, nevermind the ocean now. Beautiful ending! Naw... Bridger wakes up the next morning, walks out to the beach, and sits there looking out to the ocean. Alright, the ocean is symbolic of how far he's come (sitting on his own, making it a personal journey)... I get it, fair ending. Wait, no? wtf is this? Clover walks out to the beach to find him dead. Their parents suddenly get there (perfect timing) and everyone is gathered around Bridger - you see these new familial bonds have formed, this loss that they now all share - Bridger's death helped unite them and create this family, who will all miss him together. Alright, fine, it works. NOPE! Cut to a few years later, Clover has a daughter (presumably Bridger's, I'd hope), and they're at a playground, as a family, as this little girl is smiling, swinging on a swing - they're all smiling, they're a family. Freeze frame, focus in on this little girl's smiling face... finally, the movie ends. Not that it was a horrible ending in itself (except the freeze frame close-up), but that series of several endings, one after the other - as though the director couldn't decide how to end the film - just seems mawkish and heavy-handed, in what was otherwise (despite all its faults) a very nuanced, slow-paced, and sincere coming-of-age love story. Had they decided they were content staying where they were, and we went from Bridger's death at home to the family with this little girl to carry on his legacy, it would've been fine. Had they decided to end it at the ocean, symbolic of how far they'd all come, great. But both? No. As much as I enjoyed the move (for all of its faults and successes), the ending sort of ruined everything that had been effectively developed in the film. Honestly, I should be rating at 6, max (maybe a 5 for that ending). But I do feel the movie is a worthwhile watch, so I'm bumping it to 7. If anyone's read this spoiler-laden review and wants to watch the movie, I suggest turning it off when they're all sitting at the beach. If you keep watching after that, your opinion of the movie will probably sink. Keep the moment. If you can keep that moment, it is actually a thoroughly enjoyable movie with a fantastic (and believable) love story.

  • heartwarming


    This movie is so endearing and heartwarming. I cried a river watching it. This movie is pretty much relatable to all ages. All ages will definitely love this movie because it tackles everything that has to do with love.One thing I love about this movie is the self-realization after watching. This movie is not a feel good movie but you will definitely better after watching this. You will definitely love it as much as I do. The pace was never boring, the plot was not new but the story line will definitely touch your hearts. The two lead actors are such a delight to watch,they're believable. They are such an adorable pair.


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