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Love's Everlasting Courage (2011)

Love's Everlasting Courage (2011)

Wes BrownCheryl LaddBruce BoxleitnerJulie Mond
Bradford May


Love's Everlasting Courage (2011) is a English movie. Bradford May has directed this movie. Wes Brown,Cheryl Ladd,Bruce Boxleitner,Julie Mond are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2011. Love's Everlasting Courage (2011) is considered one of the best Drama,Family,Western movie in India and around the world.

A young family struggling to make it on a the western frontier decides to allow the wife to work at a seamstress shop. As things get better financially, the wife gets sick and passes away. With help from his parents the young father learns to deal with the tragic loss and threat of losing everything they worked so hard for.


Love's Everlasting Courage (2011) Reviews

  • Love's Everlasting Courage is a nice and familiar family drama


    Just watched this TV movie on a Netflix disc with my mother. This is a pioneer story about a young couple with a pre-teen girl who are having financial troubles mainly because with no rain for a long time, their land has no harvest which means they're behind in their payments. So the wife decides to take a job as a seamstress despite her hubby's objection though he lets her do it. Also, his parents are coming to visit...This is meant to be an inspirational story about faith in God despite the hardships of what I just described. While quite enjoyable, I was a little underwhelmed at how predictable certain things happened and when. But still, this was a nice drama and it's a refreshing thing that there wasn't anything objectionable in it considering the kinds of movies I usually watch. And seeing Wes Brown and Julie Mond as the struggling couple with Morgan Lilly as their daughter, Bruce Boxleitner and Cheryl Ladd as Brown's parents, Willow Geer and Tyler Jacob Moore as widowed neighbors, and James Eckhouse as the bank collector was a pleasure to watch both for familiarity from previous roles (Eckhouse was on the original "90210" as twins Brandon and Brenda's father, Ms. Ladd was on the original "Charlie's Angels", Boxleitner on "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" and he would also appear with Moore on the recent show "GCB") and now knowing that Brown graduated from LSU in my current hometown of Baton Rouge, La., and that Ms. Geer is the granddaughter of the late Will Geer who was best known as Granpa Walton on "The Waltons". So in summary, Love's Everlasting Courage is a nice family drama worth a look.

  • Love and Courage- A Hallmark Tradition ***


    The movie first proves that many years have passed since Bruce Boxleitner starred in "Scarecrow and Mrs. King." Plenty of problems here. A young couple on the prairie face financial difficulty as the wife takes a job in town sewing. I thought this would turn into a gossipy affair as the woman she works with is widowed with children and there is a widower in town with kids and she has her eye on him. How wrong I was. Scarlet fever pays our young woman a visit and she is gone in no time. Her husband's parents come in and we have the emotional walloping of a grieving husband and daughter, a bank that is ready to foreclose the mortgage, a near fire and of course, wouldn't it be better if Missy, the daughter, lived with her grandparents? Of course, as a Hallmark film, it ends nicely and there is even a scene from right out of the Lancaster-Hepburn 1956 smash "The Rainmaker." Everyone dancing around when the most welcomed rain hits. Highly predictable, but engaging. Great values of a town coming together to help the unfortunate family.

  • Great Family Movie - With a Message


    This isn't an action movie, a blood and guts gore film or a sex filled mystery. It is a movie about good things in life: Love, Passion, Courage, Honesty, Forgiveness, Integrity and Honor. We need more movies like this, movies that teach good not movies that corrupt our children. It is so hard today to find films like this one. My daughters get mad at me when I want us to watch an "OLD" movie in black and white. It is very hard today to get children to watch something worthwhile. I remember when TV only had "GOOD" stuff to watch. This brings me to something I am confused about... a low rating on IMDb. I guess society has been so corrupted that it can't see good anymore. This movie should have a rating of 9 or 10. Special effects, blood and gore, sex and constant action shouldn't be what is expected in our movies. We cannot just blame the movie industry....we have to blame ourselves as well. On the other end of the spectrum, we fully blame the movie industry for tricking us into thinking that movies like the Hunger Games were great. I was so sickened when I watched it, I couldn't even finish it. The Hunger Games should have been rated R and we should have been told the truth in the previews and advertising of it. Shame on you Hollywood for exposing my daughter to such horror as children killing children. I will not let my children see another movie until I have seen it first. My trust in Hollywood is less than zero and if the country continues on its present path, I am sad to say movies will become more immoral and less about teaching good. Again, I say we need more movies like Loves Everlasting Courage, if we are to ever be good again...

  • Wholesome, Sweet Movie


    I love all of the movies based on Janette Oke's Love Come Softly series. They are refreshingly clean. Free from cussing, blood guts and gore, sexual innuendos, and the list goes on. The children are respectful and are taught good moral values. The parents lead by example. They show how by working together, you can accomplish what seems impossible. They marry for love and forever 'til death do they part. Also, the stories teach when you lose someone you love it's okay to love again, and welcome happiness back into your life. My daughter, niece have had marathons and watched all of the series while having a girls weekend. Now they want to know when we can do it again. I can't say enough about how wonderful this series is.

  • Faith, Hope and Charity) Very Good Movie


    Enjoy this movie with entire family. It's about a family pulling together. A lot of good actor's in the movie. FAITH is one thing Clark (Wes Brown) needs a lot of. Ellen (Julie Mond) has abundance of Faith that has pulled her thru tough times. Clark handled faith his way. HOPE was a big problem for Clark, as the water situation has become a big problem. Drought brought on a lot of problems. He could loose his land if there is no water. Everything seems to be going against him since Ellen took ill, and passed away from Scarlet fever. Clark found his life at a low and a loss. Missy (daughter) was his HOPE for his life to go on, and have a meaning. CHARITY , well Missy decided to help with chores. Cleaning was OK, but cooking needed help. Trying to prove to Clark, she could do this even proved to be even a bigger challenge. So when word got out that his house needed repaired from a fire, friends provided supplies to repair his house. From there water was found, and rain prevailed. Clark and Missy could go on. Buy this movie and watch it. This movie shows strength, heart and Love. Brenda.


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