Love Under the Stars (2015)

Love Under the Stars (2015)

Wes BrownBarry BostwickAshley NewbroughJaeda Lily Miller
Terry Ingram


Love Under the Stars (2015) is a movie. Terry Ingram has directed this movie. Wes Brown,Barry Bostwick,Ashley Newbrough,Jaeda Lily Miller are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Love Under the Stars (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

With help from a young girl and a widower, a 30-something woman finally grows up and takes on the real world.

Love Under the Stars (2015) Reviews

  • Lovely


    One of the best TV movies I've seen. What stood out for me the most was the lead character was a free spirit and not like the stereotypical female characters that are usually in TV movies that are desperate to get married as they've shock horror reached 30. All the acting was really good I particularly loved the leads whom had great chemistry. The little girl was really good too. Yes a bit on the predictable side but then you expect that with these films. Honestly I'd rather watch this than the big Hollywood productions with bland actors, sleazy sidekicks and unromantic story lines. I hope to see more with these leads. A really lovely feel good movie.

  • Wow...some seriously bad acting


    First, I do realize that this a Hallmark movie of the week but I really wish Hollywood would either find a new formula or find some actors who don't have that Ken and Barbie look. I'd rather watch great acting from ugly people than bad acting from good looking people. Otherwise, all Hallmark needs to do is stop spending their money, make one move and run it over and over again. They are all the same anyway. The kid is mildly cute but the two main adult actors, are formulaic, predictable, tiresome and over done. I'd rather watch 24 hours of a good working formula (Murder, She Wrote, MASH, etc) than this goulash of nothingness.

  • Wonderful!


    Lovely movie with a great story and wonderful characters!

  • Very enjoyable


    This was a well acted, sweet movie which I will likely watch again. I am a sucker for most Hallmark movies, but I have found some to be too ridiculous to even finish. This was not one of those. The acting and character relationships were very believable, the music and pacing of the movie was comfortable (it didn't draw attention to itself). The only thing I did not like was the ending, which seemed hurried, contrived and detached from the rest of the story. Overall, however, I would definitely recommend this one.

  • Hallmark movie


    Becca (Ashley Newbrough) is a flustered aimless college grad student. Her mentor English professor Walt (Barry Bostwick) wants her to get serious about her thesis and directs her to his school teacher niece. She befriends student Emily (Jaeda Lily Miller) who is still dealing with her mother's death. Nate (Wes Brown) is surprised that her daughter's new friend is a full grown woman. This is a Hallmark movie. Newbrough deserves more and better roles. The little girl is plenty cute. The dude is boring. Bostwick has a minor role for the pay. It's pretty pedestrian as far as these movies go. Newbrough and the little girl have some nice emotional moments. There isn't much else.


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