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Onus (2016)

Onus (2016)

Robert RenderAnthony BoyleKenny ThompsonLeo Clarke
George Clarke


Onus (2016) is a English,Norwegian movie. George Clarke has directed this movie. Robert Render,Anthony Boyle,Kenny Thompson,Leo Clarke are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Onus (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A boy wakes up below a cliff, bloodied, with a gun in his hand, and chained to a man who lies beside him... He stresses hard to remember what happened, and soon the puzzle of the days events come back to him. The story begins.

Onus (2016) Reviews

  • Just shoot me.


    Keiran Flynn (Anthony Boyle) awakes in the woods only to discover he is chained to his counselor Bob Andrews (Robert Render). They both have a gun duct taped to their hand which they really didn't make an effort to remove. There is a pink sticky note that says, "one must die." Bob tells Keiran to shot him...which he doesn't. The film jumps to "Chapter 2" (plot spoiler: no part 3) with a woman at a grave side with us having to guess what happened. Well, actually it was quite easy...one person with a gun, one person dead. The film started out interesting, but quickly became boring, especially the long drawn out scenes of a woman lamenting. Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

  • Some Great Ideas spoiled by a plethora of issues.


    Written (partly) directed, produced and filmed by George Clark this is a film that has a great idea but not much else. The synopsis is that a young lad Kieran (played by Anthony Boyle – who also wrote this – spot a pattern yet?) and some other man awaken to find they are chained together with some handguns gaffer taped to their other hand. They have a note saying that they each have one bullet and one of them must die. So far so good. Move on to chapter 2 and the plot thickens and the interest sort of spikes at this point. Then we get some issues that might be down to budget or other limitations but it just goes downhill from here. To say too much runs the risk of a plot spoil. Now the acting is OK to actually quite god in places. Boyle is very convincing and Robert Render as the teacher is really good. However there are some plot holes; like is there anyone who does not know how to undo gaffer tape? That aside we also have some not very good cinematography with some shots trying to be arty and instead just look childishly contrived. Then the sound issues – I can forgive the set noise that occurs a few times but the insertion of fake animal noises is irksome at best. The dogs that never materialise and the bird noises at the end gave me a migraine and all they did was try to inject a false sense of foreboding but really made you want to reach for the off button and then the paracetmol. So only think about this if you have very few options indeed.

  • A Budget movie in every sense of the word


    A nonsensical low budget drama that meanders along in the hope of emulating a dark Scandinavia style drama. The result however is a droning low budget production filled with quite awful amateur grade performances embroiled within a migraine inducing barrage of 'wannabe' artful camera angles, that do little more than add to this frustrating low budget feature. The only thing more irritating than the incredibly poor performances of these unskilled subjects. is the rambling and monotonous music score that drones on in an equally meandering rabble of noise throughout the entire production. Give this film a miss because you certainly won't be missing anything in doing so. This poor excuse for film should have gone straight to DVD as it is more reminiscent of a college movie project than a serious production.

  • Don't waste your time


    Seriously, such a badly made film. Do not waste your time watching it. Spend some time with your loved one instead. The story doesn't hang together at all - nothing really happens & so much is not explained. And huge amounts of time spent just watching the characters without anything going on. There is no way that you can understand anything until about the last 2 minutes, by which time you have died of boredom. You spend most of the movie lost & confused, just like the characters in the movie.


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