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Paradiset (2003)

Paradiset (2003)

Helena BergströmSuzanna DilberGeorgi StaykovNiklas Hjulström
Colin Nutley


Paradiset (2003) is a Swedish movie. Colin Nutley has directed this movie. Helena Bergström,Suzanna Dilber,Georgi Staykov,Niklas Hjulström are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. Paradiset (2003) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Action,Crime movie in India and around the world.

Tabloid journalist Annika Bengtzon is writing about a murder in the port of Stockholm and she suspects that the Yugoslav mafia is involved. However, she also finds links to a foundation that runs a shelter for battered women, Paradiset. Looking for a good story she also meets a welfare official, Thomas, who also thinks that the foundation should be looked into.


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Paradiset (2003) Reviews

  • Almost as boring as Sprängaren


    .., but not quite. It has a few glimmers of hope, but overall it's just a mess of boring characters (that strangely seems a lot more alive in the book), bad script (again nothing like the book) and strange (or should I say bland) casting. Well, better luck next time Mr. Nutley!

  • Terrible


    Well, just 5 minutes ago I ejected the DVD from my player, and I'm now considering burning my ol' Samsung 511 just because crap like "Paradiset" have defiled it. I don't know what's wrong with us Swedes. It's as if our taste in movies descends to the pits of hell when the origin of the movie is Swedish. The acting in this movie embarassing (why do swedish actors always stutter?) and the story is a bit incoherent. It's almost a requirement to have read the book. I HAVE read the book and I must say that even then I found the story a bit confusing. Please, don't repeat my mistake and see this piece of crap.

  • I liked it!


    How come that most people hate this movie? It is as good as "Sprängaren", and Helena Bergström is one of the best actresses in Sweden, if not THE best!! Also, it was funny to see Lisa Nilsson in a movie. Are people so used to high octane US-action, that those more subtle, character-driven movies now seem boring?? Anyway, both I and some of my friends here in Denmark like those two movies a lot. And about you have to have read the book to understand it?? Not true, I don't think it was that difficult to follow. But then again, I really don't have a short attention-span. Give it a try.

  • Fast action, Hollywood type movie lovers will not like this movie. I loved it.


    Again a good example of Nordic Noir where characters, their weaknesses,struggles and psychology play a part at least as important as the movie thrill factor. This type of movie feel is in stark contrast with much of today's heavy, blunt Hollywood machinery where one has to leave any desire for subtlety out of the watching door. Good for the more evolved side of the brain. Loved this movie.

  • Paradise lost


    This Swedish action movie (or maybe it is a thriller) is of no interest for those who don't live in a Swedish environment and don't read Swedish evening papers. The first part, "Sprängaren", was better. The intrigues at the editor's office was more funny there, more ironic and with more interesting people. The Yugoslav gangsters here are nothing more than evil characters like those in Donald Duck. Helena Bergström is all right in the main part, but doesn't she have any other ambition than to appear in her husband's, Colin Nutley's, films? He has got quite a register, but that doesn't mean he is good on everything. Especially not in making thrillers.


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