Popi (1969)

Popi (1969)

Alan ArkinRita MorenoReuben FigueroaMiguel Alejandro
Arthur Hiller


Popi (1969) is a English movie. Arthur Hiller has directed this movie. Alan Arkin,Rita Moreno,Reuben Figueroa,Miguel Alejandro are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1969. Popi (1969) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Abraham is a Puerto Rican single parent with two boys. He is becoming very worried about them living in their run down neighborhood when one day he notices that Cubans who escape are lionized and given exceptional benefits. He thinks up a plot to have his sons washed ashore as Cuban immigrants who will be adopted by rich Anglos.


Popi (1969) Reviews

  • one of my favorites


    I found this movie completely by accident when I was about 15 years old watching TV late at night and this movie was on. I had always loved those gritty NY stories so this was a perfect setting for my sensibilities. Anyway I caught the movie just after it started and I loved every minute of it. I thought that Alan Arkin played his role so beautifully! The comic irony of his very tough situation trying to make ends meet and caring for his two young sons was not lost on this 15 year old kid. I remember crying at the very end of the movie just because after all the father went through to try to ensure his sons have a chance at making it out of their poverty stricken circumstances, it didn't matter because all the boys ever wanted was their father, whom they clearly adored! Anyway I just enjoyed this movie thoroughly and have always suggested it to people if you enjoy a warm, funny and sweet story about what matters most in human relationships!

  • Brilliant performance by Alan Arkin

    Mark in the Dark2000-08-21

    This is my favorite acting performance of the always underrated Alan Arkin. He plays a widowed father of two young boys in Spanish Harlem who works numerous jobs and will do anything - ANYTHING - to provide a better life for his two young boys. There is no job he will not take and no sacrifice he will not make for his boys. The method Arkin finally decides to take is controversial. How? Let's just say that during the whole Elian Gonzalez saga, quite a few references were made to this movie. (PLEASE don't let that comparison turn you off to this movie - I cringed at those comparisons as well at first until I realized that yes, the comparisons had a valid point.) This movie is very much a drama, but Arkin, in his magical way, manages to not detract from the drama while injecting his own brand of physical comedy as well as his patented panicking dialogue (such as in the hospital scene.) The two young boys, who lived in Spanish Harlem when they were selected to act in this movie, are very good as well.

  • Heartwarming, funny, and fascinating


    Alan Arkin is excellent as a Spanish Harlem father of two pre-teenage boys who decides that they'd be better off without him in a fresh start. Warm, winning, insightful, and wry, this movie never strays off course from its poignant objective. The music and location footage are also excellent. Rita Moreno is fine in a supporting role. The scheme Arkin plots also is eerily reminiscent of the Elian situation even though the movie is filmed 30 years before the incident!! John Harkins and Anthony Holland are also marvelous. See it.

  • Overworked man wants to escape the inner city


    I loved Alan Arkin in "The Inlaws", but here he plays a completely different part. In POPI, he is a widowed Puerto Rican father "Abraham" who can't wait to get his young sons out of Harlem. The sons are played by Reuben Figueroa and Miguel Alejandro; the actors playing the sons appeared in just a couple more projects after this one. The film opens with them attending the funeral in New York City. Then we meet the girlfriend, Lupe, (a 38 year old Rita Moreno, with long hair!). We see them trying to survive in the rough city neighborhood, working three jobs. His roof leaks, they try to break into his shabby apartment, but when they pick on his kids, he comes up with a plan to get away from it all. As of today, IMDb has this film rated as "G", but when Turner Classics showed it, it's listed "TV 14". There is some violence, at 23 minutes in. Also, at one point, Arkin turns and talks to the camera, which felt a little out of place at that point in the film. The first half is the setup, showing us how bad things are in the city, but the second half is the big adventure, which almost turns into a farce. A pretty-good, entertaining film, with some small tidbits of humor thrown in here and there. According to IMDb, this film was shown on NBC in 1977... they must have edited some of the scenes out to make it safe for TV. Directed by Arthur Hiller, who would direct Arkin ten years later in "The Inlaws". In 1976, it was made into a TV series for CBS, starring Hector Elizondo, but it looks like it only lasted one season.

  • amazing


    Fine film.. If made today would be considered for best Picture.. Alan Arkin.. is amazing.. if you have teenagers ..show them .. My father took me to the movie at 10 years old.. never forgot it..Shocking parts .. some very funny scenes.. Inventive , you will cry . The kids also played PERFECT parts .. True love explored and what it can do to anyone...Grew up in New York .Spanish Harlem shot perfectly .Music theme played differently to reflect mood ..Similar to Last Tango in Paris shot with many hand held camera's ..not really any thing missing from movie. MGM channel plays it from time to time if you see it watch this touching film,,


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