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Prey (2007)

Prey (2007)

Bridget MoynahanPeter WellerCarly SchroederJamie Bartlett
Darrell Roodt


Prey (2007) is a English movie. Darrell Roodt has directed this movie. Bridget Moynahan,Peter Weller,Carly Schroeder,Jamie Bartlett are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2007. Prey (2007) is considered one of the best Adventure,Drama,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

While working in a dam in Africa, the American hydraulic engineer Tom Newman brings his family to spend a couple of days in the Leopard's Rest Lodge. His fourteen year-old daughter Jessica is having friction with her stepmother Amy since she does not accept the divorce of her parents. On the next morning, Amy, Jessica and her brother David go in a game drive with a ranger while Tom goes to the dam. While driving off-road, David asks the ranger to stop the jeep to go to the "toilet", and unexpectedly they are attacked by a group of starving lions that kill and eat the ranger. Amy, Jessica and David are trapped in the jeep and stalked by the wild lions. When Tom returns to the hotel and finds that his family has not returned from the game, he asks for help to the experienced hunter and guide Crawford and together they seek Tom's family.


Prey (2007) Reviews

  • 101 Ways to Doom Yourself


    As a thriller, I'd rate this one a 2. But as a comedy it gets a 4! If you like razzing a movie, this is really a good target. Alternate title, comedy: "101 Ways to Doom Yourself." (Not really) Top 13 on the list: 1. Carry a gun with lions around; they seem to find it a capital offense to pack heat. 2. When lost, off-roading in an emergency, speed away from the road you came from, blindly through the trees, downhill. 3. And for God's sake, don't use the brakes. 4. When uncertain about the intentions of strangers, just split up -- especially if they are armed and have recently killed something. 5. When tracking man-eating lions, run wildly through the brush. The higher the brush, the better. 6. When maintaining morale in life-threatening situations, assert any authority you don't have to those around you. 7. When stranded, refrain from taking inventory; if you must do it, wait until at least three people have died. 8. When glass and metal aren't a strong enough blockades, use pillows. 9. Hot-wiring a car is unethical. Don't even think about it. 10. When driving through the desert, carry at most 1/8 of a bottle of water per person. 11. When running low on water in the desert, use only your hands to drink the rain. Never fill water bottles or other containers, unless the containers have a rustic feel that goes with the desert's aesthetic. 12. When traveling through vast, sparsely populated, potentially dangerous terrain, notify no one of your destination or whereabouts. In fact, don't even carry any long-range radio or satellite communications devices. 13. Oh, and scream a lot. It entertains the lions.

  • A roaring bad time


    Prey should be retitled The Stupid Family Goes to Africa. If one took this film seriously, which would be a mistake, one could say that this dysfunctional family was responsible for the deaths of several persons who would have been just fine if this family hadn't come to the Dark Continent to make it even darker. Knowing nothing about the private lives of lions, I can guess that the plot was probably highly inaccurate as I cannot imagine why a pride of lions would set their sights on these silly people when there are lots of zebra and wildebeest running around. As I sat open-mouthed(with awe at the lousy direction) waiting for the ending, I felt certain that a film this bad would have to end with one of the most offensive of movie clichés and indeed it did when Peter Weller said, "Let's go Home." This is what I would have said at the beginning of the movie if I had seen it in a theater.

  • Decent animal attack movie..


    Judging from the reviews here, I didn't expect much so I was somewhat pleasantly surprised. In a cold winter evening in Sweden it can be pretty nice to see a movie set in the beautiful South African landscape. The story is not much to say about. It's basically "Cujo" but with lions instead of a St Bernard Dog. By far not a great movie, but a pretty entertaining and exciting 90 minutes. Seen to the budget the movie looks pretty good. The acting is also OK, but it could have been a better movie if the script would have been more believable. But that is often the case with this type of movies and it didn't bother me that much.

  • Cujo only with big pussycats!


    Not bad of a movie! Still, has a lot of common with Cujo, the Stephen King adaption. Attacks of big pussycats (okay, there had to be some kind of difference, wasn't there) on a car (jeep) where a woman (duuuuhhh) is trapped with her child (in this case children)... No way out, no food, no drinks... dehydration near... damn... The lions did their job fantastic! And I must say the stepmother was not bad of an actress... only thing I found a bit exaggerated... three hunters (by all means) are killed... and each time they get to kill at least one lion but still another takes revenge... The Male Lion is the real actor in this movie! The way he blew up in that jeep... great! All by all, not a bad movie, but had no new elements! It's worth a Seven, I won't give it more, but certainly won't give it less either!

  • A sappy G-rated movie about connecting with new step-parents, but with lions!


    This is a movie about traveling to Africa with your father and his new wife. You just can't relate to her and you really love your mom, so it invokes feelings of anger in you when you have to spend the day with her. I thought this was a horror movie you say, well...yes, that's true. What better way to bond with your new step-mom than fighting for your life against a pack of bloodthirsty lions. Well, not a pack, more like three really. Throw in one short-lived tour-guide and a pair of African poachers and you've got the Prey. B movie? Yes. Worthy of a straight to video release? Absolutely. Scary? Not really. It's actually kind of boring. For most of the movie dehydration in a more pressing concern than the lions. Well, at least it's only 89 minutes!


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