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The Furnace (2019)

The Furnace (2019)

Jamie BernadetteLuthuli DlaminiLaura LinnThandi Puren
Darrell Roodt


The Furnace (2019) is a English movie. Darrell Roodt has directed this movie. Jamie Bernadette,Luthuli Dlamini,Laura Linn,Thandi Puren are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. The Furnace (2019) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

THE FURNACE Africa's toughest race becomes her biggest test of faith. Newlyweds Mary and Matt celebrate Christmas, and their passion for running, with two honeymoon tickets to Africa's ultimate footrace, The Furnace. Their excitement to race together across the biggest animal reserve in the world has them inspired. Then in a horrific flash, everything's gone including Mary's purpose for living. A year later, Mary is grieving. Struggling to breathe with an oxygen tank, she cries out her anger at God. Standing nearby, a man sees her suffering, and shares his own story of loss. Once a doctor in Africa, he fled to America when civil war annihilated his town. Now known by the nickname, Coffin, he digs graves after losing his practice. Coffin urges Mary to keep on believing, push through and recover, offering his help as a doctor and friend. Over time Coffin's dedicated support and intense training helps Mary grow strong, and live to run again. But what will it take to let go of her pain ...


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