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Social Suicide (2015)

Social Suicide (2015)

Jackson BewsIndia EisleyNeve McIntoshRichard Cordery
Bruce Webb


Social Suicide (2015) is a English movie. Bruce Webb has directed this movie. Jackson Bews,India Eisley,Neve McIntosh,Richard Cordery are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Social Suicide (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

'Social Suicide' is an investigative thriller examining what it really takes to get noticed on the Internet today. Loosely based on Romeo and Juliet, the police investigate what happened to these two teenagers before it's too late by trolling through their relationship history through social media.

Social Suicide (2015) Reviews

  • Psycho teenager, Suspense, Nice Twist!


    This movie was refreshing. I do enjoy the way they combined it with recorded video style and of course i love the plot twist. I don't know why people hate this, maybe they got mislead by the synopsis, this movie was not focus about 'romeo and juliet'. It was more about suspense, how social media 'gone wrong'. It is pretty relevant for our generation nowdays. People who are falling in love can be really dumb and easily tricked. I think Balthazar was kind of having narcisstic, manipulative and antisocial disorder, he successfully made me hate him so much. It is wort to watch, give it try

  • Average film, poor script, but a brilliant idea showing misuse of social media and teenage obsession


    I must admit at first that the film is average, has a poor script with several loopholes in direction. I am also surprized that the movie is very unpopular. I could not find much information about the film on google and imdb or even on wikipedia. It seems producers have not worked much on the publicity and promotion of the film. Its been more than 30 months since the release of the film and youtube trailer has hardly 34k views and 12 comments as of today (3 May, 2018). Film is about a group of teenage friends who are regular viners, post their videos on internet with a hope of becoming popular. Main characters are Balthazar, Reese, Marc, Julia, and Julia's cousin Ty. Other chief characters are Detective Dalton, his staff of investigators including IT experts and a Psychologist. Balthazar is an obsessed guy who is always carrying a camera with hopes of getting a chance to make a video which can fetch him 1 million views/likes. He is taking medicines for anxiety and anger. His friend Reese is in love with Julia who came close with intent to make videos together. Both are popular tubers and people like them for what they post. However, Balthazar is submissive and socially awkward and is jealous of this couple. The movie begins when Marc and Ty are found dead and a team of investigators take Balthazar into custody for interrogation. He seems scared and confused to the psychologist but deceptive to Detective Dalton from the beginning. One of the reasons Dalton is suspecting Balthazar to be chief suspect because of his obsession with making videos. She has a teenage daughter who makes fitness videos in bikini to become popular and Dalton is upset by that. So probably she is taking out her anger at Bal when she suspects him without any evidence. But Balthazar too lies on several occasions and changes his version of the whole incident when he is scared. At these times, psychologist comes to his rescue. The film revolves around finding proof from a prime piece of evidence in the form of a memory card which has true version of what happened that night, filmed by Balthazar. The detectives have to see how much Balthazar is speaking the truth and whether there is something more to the story. To the viewer's surprize, the film takes a horrifying turn when the truth is finally revealed from the memory card video. The film is superb in what it intends to show and no other film matches to it so far. It depicts the reality of today's youth and their craze for becoming popular through posting online content, to whichever extreme they can get. Most of these teenagers in the film are shown disturbed, lack family connection and are lonely. They take decisions which are misinformed and risky. They don't understand the consequences of their behaviors and interests. While leaving police custody, when the psychologist Emerson suggests Balthazar to stop making videos and go for participatory activities in real social world, Balthazar seems totally ignorant of the message in his words and tells him that now he is going to make the video that deserves 1 million views. Psychologist supported Balthazar throughout the film with a hope of giving him warmth and understand his condition, but all went to waste as Bal was so occupied with his upcoming popularity. Bal seems to have no awareness of what harm this video craze has done to him and brought his friends in a trouble. This scenario can be found in everyday life too where parents and mental health experts struggle to make kids understand the consequences of their risky actions and unfortunately the hormonal rush of adolescence makes this difficult to achieve. The movie shows very closely the delicate make-up of the teenage mind and how things can go wrong if parents don't pay much attention and do not connect with them emotionally. The movie is a must watch for parents, teenagers and adults, teachers and mental health experts. This film needs to be given its credit for showing a sensitive issue that demands high attention.

  • Go watch Romeo + Juliet (1996) with DiCaprio instead!


    This movie is so boring. The characters and story is so forgetful. I couldn't finish the movie. I was so angry! The guy who directed this movie should NEVER make movies! The characters are so unlikable. WHO ARE WE SUPPOSE TO SUPPORT????!!!! I don't get it If this movie was inspired by Romeo + Juliet and The Usual Suspects then this should've been better. Instead, we get poor acting ans storytelling. I'm glad this movie is not on Netflix but Amazon Prime. Please, don't watch this movie! It's a waste of time! This movie is so bland and makes you wonder why filmmakers can't tell teenage stories right! The ending was so stupid, this movie looks like a lifetime MOVIE that should've NEVER been made!


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