Sringara Velan (2013)

Sringara Velan (2013)

Anju AravindBaburajDileepLal
Jose Thomas


Sringara Velan (2013) is a Tamil movie. Jose Thomas has directed this movie. Anju Aravind,Baburaj,Dileep,Lal are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Sringara Velan (2013) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Kannan falls in love with Radhu, the daughter of a ruthless city gangster who is responsible for many deaths. In order to marry her, Kannan must face danger and overcome many challenges.

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  • If Only Story Didn't Matter. ♦ 47%


    Then Sringara Velan would be a Malayalam comedy-genre lover's dream. The first part, to be frank, reminded me of Dileep's CID Moosa. The dialogs come one after another and are funnier than the previous one. I laughed madly in the first hour as Dileep & Kalabhavan Shajohn will blow your mind with their slapstick, witty remarks & adult jokes. Lal complements them later. We cannot call the jokes "Vallippu (foolish)" as was ubiquitous in the previous Dileep films (Karyasthan, Mr. Marumakan, etc. ), but still the premise is same. Nedumudi Venu is good, but the actress may not see the light of future films. One more character (actress' on-screen father) sucked badly at English & performance. There is no story and if at all you were to extract one, it is clichéd. The superstitions surrounding a marriage where Dileep enters & wrecks havoc only to earn the girl's heart with his antics. Terrible! The base is strong till interval. But then everything goes baseless. Characters start fooling around in temples and with a ridiculous inclusion of Mumbai underworld, the plot ends up in the narrow lanes of predictability. Second half thus, turns out to be a disaster. Yet, we have quite a lot of humor to laugh about. Romance is only visible in songs and every single character seems to be suffering from dual personality. An average show, this! BOTTOM LINE: A definite one time watch which will make you see yourself cursing about the story.


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