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The Healer (2016)

The Healer (2016)

Oliver Jackson-CohenJonathan PryceCamilla LuddingtonJorge Garcia
Paco Arango


The Healer (2016) is a English movie. Paco Arango has directed this movie. Oliver Jackson-Cohen,Jonathan Pryce,Camilla Luddington,Jorge Garcia are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. The Healer (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Family,Fantasy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Alec Bailey is a gambling, womanizing bankrupt electrical repairman who still is traumatized by the death of his twin brother Charlie. Without a penny and almost in the poorhouse, Alec learns he has an uncle, Richard Heacock, brother of his mother, who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Richard offers to solve Alec's money debts with one condition - that Alec moves to and lives in Halifax for a year. Reluctant to the travel but threatened by a violent money collector, Alec accepts Uncle Richard's proposal. When he arrives in Halifax, he discovers the villagers believe he is "The Chosen One," a man with the ability to heal all diseases. At the same time, Halifax's local Sheriff starts a personal campaign against Alec in the belief that he's a fraud who's cheating people. Trapped by a situation that little by little overwhelms him, Alec finds a friend in Cecilia, a lovely local veterinarian. Richard tells Alec his ancestors are a family of healers with the gift to heal if it's in the fate ...


The Healer (2016) Reviews

  • Arango threw a curve ball, and a lot of people missed the pitch


    The first thing that everyone missed is that this is an "auteur" movie, that is, the writer and director are one and the same. The significance of that is important. Canada, since the launch of its film sector in in the 1980s via tax credits, has built a solid and reliable industry by being essentially the "Walmart" of the sector. Constantly undercutting Hollywood prices (because of the cheaper Loonie) has kept the cash flowing. And the Canucks have also taken hostage obscure sectors of the business that no one else was paying attention to. For example, 90% of all the so-called "X-mas" films you have seen in the last 20 years were Canadian-made. Finally, Canada is where most once-successful franchises go to die. When you see a horror franchise or action franchise on its very last legs -- think Freddy Kruger IX or something like that -- chances are it is Canadian made. So, against this odd backdrop of entrepreneurial spirit, it is rare and refreshing to see an auteur express a vision that is not a knockoff of something else. And that is the key. This film is an original, it is like nothing you have seen. It takes place in one of Canada's most picturesque (showcase) small towns but it is not a small town piece like Doc Martin or Gilmore Girls or even Corner Gas. It has elements of faith but it is not a "faith-based" movie. It has elements of a rom-com yet without the "rom." Again, an original. And it is technically perfect. The script is solid. The acting from the leads is excellent, especially the often-overlooked Jonathan Pryce. (Secondary characters are hit and miss, which unfortunately is the curse of Canadian film making.) The story holds the attention. The questions raised are interesting. In many ways the film revisits issues from the blockbuster hit Resurrection (1980) but in a much subtler way. It is solid workmanlike entertainment and deserves a better rating than most members have given it. Recommended.

  • Life needs a little magic


    This is one of those films that exists to give us a light-hearted look at life. It has all the ingredients of a story that gets you nodding in agreement, shaking your head in annoyance and smiling at the feel-good sections. You may also feel your eyes filling up at times because the mix draws you in and pulls at your emotions. So, settle down comfortably, get a box of tissues just in case, and enjoy a movie that has some mystery, a 'not so bad' baddie, minimal sex, no swearing and a fairy tale story line. Well worth a viewing.

  • Good hearted, emotionally fulfilling movie that is surprisingly good


    I didn't have much hope for the movie based on the actors as they're not well known... however I'm very glad I took the time to watch it. Oliver Jackson-Cohen played a very good role for this well written, somewhat emotionally tugging (in a good way) script. There isn't anything specifically that will jump out to you or blow you away, however by the end, you'll feel very rewarded by what comes to light as the overall reason the movie was written and produced has one of the best undertones I've seen from anything in movies recently. There isn't a huge God based message in the movie, despite being about faith and something bigger. Overall, I think Paul Newman would absolutely give The Healer a thumbs up. Most will be happy they spent the time to watch and feel emotionally rewarded for their time. Despite this movie not costing much to make, it's certainly one of the better flicks I've seen this year.

  • We take fun seriously


    Alec (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) has not achieved much in his life as he approaches the age of thirty. An uncle he doesn't know offers to pay his debts if he spends a year in Nova Scotia. Reluctantly Alec accepts and becomes a healer, a gift he doesn't want. Add a romantic element and a little girl with terminal cancer and you have the story. The film starts out whimsical and stops short from getting too heavy or too religious. Worth a view, especially if you like Lifetime type films. Guide: No swearing or nudity. Implied sex.

  • Amazing movie


    I went to see The Healer last night and I walked out of the movie theater with the biggest smile on my face. The movie is so inspiring. It tells the story of a man who has the gift of healing and who is battling with his own demons until he realizes what truly matters in life. This movie is a must-see. Paco Arango did a wonderful job! You cannot miss it.


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