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The Tank (2017)

The Tank (2017)

Jack DavenportMarguerite MoreauBrad William HenkeChristopher McDonald
Kellie Madison


The Tank (2017) is a English movie. Kellie Madison has directed this movie. Jack Davenport,Marguerite Moreau,Brad William Henke,Christopher McDonald are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. The Tank (2017) is considered one of the best Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

On April 26, 2012, six people entered an Isolated Confined Environment with the mission to simulate a trip to Mars. Their mission was a catastrophic failure.

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The Tank (2017) Reviews

  • Good premise - let down by weak plot.


    Pretty decent start - six people thrown into a tank (think Big Brother), and are left to fend for themselves whilst governmental figurehead tries to push the crew to their limits, with dire consequences. Standard story really, jazzed up with a bit of sci-fi. The actors must not have seen the set beforehand as it looks like it was made from plywood and glue. The CGI is like a special one-hour episode of X-Files (1993), and the sound mixing is quite good. We see most of the deterioration through dialogue and plot, the characters themselves do not develop past their lines and whilst one or two actors do a good job of acting insane, the film's lacklustre pacing gives it a very cheap feel. If you are a sci-fi fan, this may tickle your ivories, but for the general viewer - go watch Big Brother.

  • The Tank Is Empty


    Basically everything what might be is wrong with this picture. Any in-depth analysis would be an undeserved flatter. 1. The premise is hard to define if there is any. 2. The plot stumbles, stutters and staggers with no rhyme nor reason. 3. The acting is horrendously incompetent. 4. Music there is none - just noises. 5. The resolution does not resolve anything and tends to the incomprehensible. One may get to like however, the scene where a gangrenous leg is impromptu amputated by means of an electric non-surgical knife. But this belongs rather to WRONG TURN series than to sci-fi genre.

  • Not awful but a waste of potential


    An interesting take on a space movie - being not really a space movie. Plot holes were wayyy too obvious and the flash forwards although good attempts at making the storyline believable, still weren't. Using more logic in the writing/making of this movie would have done wonders. Guessing this was done on a small budget and it did well using that. Some legit scenes which were emotional and moving.

  • . A Tame Thriller


    This film doesn't show anything new, the premise has been done many times (what isolation can do to people)....and the acting in some scenes felt forced and a bit sophomoric but I was interested enough to make it thru the whole movie without falling asleep or barfing. Id say it is way better then a score of 2-5 which is what I usually score independent, obviously terrible, awful movies, in which even high school aged children could produce something equally as entertaining. Id rate this one a good strong 6.5....but scored 7 to give this movie a chance for those people who can appreciate it for what it is. There is some decent acting and some interesting moments. There are certainly many many more movies out there considerably more atrocious and a waste of time, than this one. Id recommend it to those a bit older, who are not in need of constant action or other types of stimulation to be engaged in a movie. And who doesn't mind not having very deep intellectual character studies. But a decently produced easy goes it very tame thriller.

  • Not Realistic


    Choice of Crew would be, U.S. Military Special Warfare known for proved Life or Death Team Work, that have also been on the 6 month Deployments on Submarines many times. Psychologically screened as Introverts. 4 Women, 2 Men. Commander a Woman, 2nd In Command Man. The Skill Sets. 2 Medical Specialists as Doctor, Emergency Room and Trauma, Surgeon, Dentist, Biology, Psychiatry. 2 Mission Specialists, Engineer, Mechanic, Electrical Engineer, Systems Engineer, Applied Physics, Machinists. 2 Mission Specialists, Propulsion, Navigation, Pilot, Survivalist, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Agriculture, Cartography, Computers. Everybody is cross trained, and continues to cross train during Flight. Psychology, all meals are eaten together. Not hungry there anyway. Everybody wears a transponder with wireless communications ear piece. That also monitors health and blood pressure, temperature, hearth rate, O2. Worn like a U.S. Army Special Forces Mission Computer, yes has functions like a Multi function Casio Pathfinder Wrist Watch also. 8 armored Spacesuits with Rebreather systems, replaceable refillable O2 tanks, and Chemical cartridges. Location of the Test. On ground at NASA Facility. Similar to a Submarine built inside of the NASA Facility on top of hydraulics. Images projected on walls, simulate Space, Martian Surface. All problems must be solved by the Crew, with support of Mission Control. Spacecraft Outer Hull self sealing. Inner Hull self Sealing. Between inner and outer hulls self sealing water storage. All water is recycled. Water is changed from H20 to Hydrogen and breathable Oxygen. Oxygen scrubbers, scrub out CO2 and Carbon Monoxide like on Nuclear Submarines. All compartments have air tight bulkheads and hatches, including individual crew compartments. All hatches are normally closed. Electricity from internal to spacecraft from two Thorium Nuclear Reactors. Deployable and retractable Solar Arrays. 2 Lifeboats, capacity 10 per Lifeboat capable of one way trip back to Earth and Reentry. Emergency Equipment. Emergency Rations. Water and Oxygen Recycling. 10 Emergency Escape Individual Pods, Must Be In Spacesuit. Allows User to do a Orbital Jump from Space, Reenter Earth's or Mars Atmosphere. Parachutes deploy manual emergency deployment. retro rockets fire if Mars manual emergency ignition.


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