The Timber (2015)

The Timber (2015)

James RansoneJosh PeckElisa LasowskiMark Caven
Anthony O'Brien


The Timber (2015) is a English movie. Anthony O'Brien has directed this movie. James Ransone,Josh Peck,Elisa Lasowski,Mark Caven are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. The Timber (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,Western movie in India and around the world.

In the wild, snow covered gold fields of Alaska, two brothers embark on a journey to collect a bounty in a desperate attempt to save their home: but what they find along the way is more than they bargained for.

The Timber (2015) Reviews

  • Excellent worth while watching


    Very different than the norm, normally wouldn't do westerns, or made for video movies. This is probably worth a watch. It shows that a modern day perspective on bankers may not really be too short of what happened in the past but without the violence and the guns and that its easy enough to be shoved into an uncomfortable corner or a place you wouldn't want to be. there's survival in the winter wild outback, the journey, the cold and the hunger too there's also survival in the home, the family and a new born. foreclosure happens in many ways and for many reasons Even in the simplest of these situations lives and relationships are destroyed forever

  • Not your Typical Western, but a very good one.


    There are a lot of movies coming out that give reflection on the financial crisis that we are going through right now, but nothing does it as uniquely as the Timber. Quentin Tarantino, once said you can always tell the state of American society by the western that comes out in that period, and the Timber is true to this statement. Two brothers are threaten by foreclosure of their land and the lost their livelihood if they can't track down their father. The Timber acts as a testament on what you need to do in order to survive during hard times. With Josh Peck playing an unlikely western star. It was his performance most of all the brings it home as he struggles through the wild west completely out of his element, in order to find a way to provide for his wife and young son. The music seem out of place as well yet fit into the atmosphere and set the tone of the Timber I'm sure things like this were common in the wild west, but what a perfect time for The Timber to come out. It's the most out of the ordinary western I've seen and that's what makes a brilliant one.

  • Entertaining western; great cinematography, but poorly edited


    This movie was pretty interesting and well-shot in some very scenic, snow-covered mountain locations; however, some of the scenes were a little too vague and unclear as to what actually happened. Perhaps the director wanted to "challenge" the audience in an artistic manner...or maybe the producer told the director to cut the time of the film by about thirty minutes; whatever the reason, the end result was a lot of scenes that didn't really make sense. There was a scene in a cave where it looked like someone got killed...but I'm not really sure who or why. There were several scenes that stopped just before the action started, only to show the aftermath later on, leaving the viewer to piece together what had happened. Overall, I still liked the film; it had a talented cast and an interesting plot.

  • A not-so-good Western, but watchable


    In the dead of winter, somewhere in the Northwest 2-brothers, Wyatt (James Ransone) and Samuel (Josh Peck) go bounty hunting for someone who has killed many people. Bringing in this killer will help them save their ranch which is about to go into foreclosure. The killer is their father whom they haven't seen since they were little boys. The clear winners in here are the cinematography and photography. Kudos. If you did nothing else and turned the sound off and just watched the scenery including some really beautiful horses you would be ahead of the game. The story is simple enough, but having 2-people trudge along in hip-high snow tired me out too. I was exhausted. Why were they walking? Well, they lost their cart and their horses. One brother asks Col Rupert Thomas (Mark Caven) their guide and hired gun, "What is the Timber?" The reply was, "it's eventful." Look at The Timber as the BADLANDS. See? So they journey on and things happen and they meet some mountain men who are bent on killing them maybe for the meat as cannibalization was not unheard of in those times in those very harsh winters. Meanwhile the women and a baby left at home are having to deal with the Bank's henchmen who are about to evict them and reclaim land for the bank. Oh, oh! Did the bankers trick the brothers into leaving? You decide. Sometimes in the beginning when the brothers talked to each other, it was difficult to understand what they were saying as they came down with the mumbles. That got better later on. I thought Samuel's name was Daniel because when Wyatt goes looking for him later on in some huge cave, he kept calling out what sounded like: Daniel? Daniel? Daniel? Well that is what it sounded like. Okay, I will get my ears checked. Pretty sure it was…….. Daniel. Pretty sure........... I don't recall the music (Ears again?), and it was the scenery that kept me going. There are some scenes that were tough to watch during the fighting and tortures. I had the FF button at the ready. Make sure you do too. Over all this is a movie you can pass on and miss nothing. But if you like to see a lot of snow all the time, and like watching people lumber along in it, this is for you. Oh, the fighting was done mostly with knives. Hey, they had guns why didn't they use them? No one knows. This was a western, but it wasn't that good a one. It is watchable though. (5/10) Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes, but not too much.

  • Disjunctive and lacking meaning


    In many ways I found this similar Christopher Smith's "Black Death". A good setting but a confusing finished film (and not in a positive Kafkaesque sense!). This may have been driven by a limited budget, but poor editing is also a likely factor. Realism was lacking with little/no explanation for the behaviour of key characters. Everyone seems hostile to the two brothers, but without due reason. The enemies were just "baddies" (all straight up mad or bad with no depth of character) making the whole film unbelievable. The edit (not aided by the dream sequences) made it feel like a set of 10 minute clips stuck together. I like a good western... but this is one to skip over.


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