Therapy (2016)

Therapy (2016)

Nathan AmbrosioniThierry AzzopardiVanessa AzzopardiLuna Belan
Nathan Ambrosioni


Therapy (2016) is a French movie. Nathan Ambrosioni has directed this movie. Nathan Ambrosioni,Thierry Azzopardi,Vanessa Azzopardi,Luna Belan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Therapy (2016) is considered one of the best Crime,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Jane and Simon are two young police officers leading a routine investigation following the discovery of hidden video equipment in an abandoned house by a night watchman. But the first filmed images go well beyond a simple holiday movie. The two investigators realize that they have to move quickly if are to find out what has become of Steven, Stephanie, Olivia, Sam and Sebastien..... before it's too late. Written and directed by Nathan Ambrosioni, with Nathalie Couturier, Luna Miti, Remy Jobert, Vanessa Azzopardi....


Therapy (2016) Reviews

  • Lack of Realism Spoils Decent Premise


    I respect found footage films when they attempt to cleverly use the medium - especially if in service of budget restraints - but I also expect any film, genre or otherwise, to take some care in the development of their film. If you're happy accepting "it doesn't matter, it's just supposed to be creepy" as a valid excuse for inconsistent (or total lack of) logic, or character development or realism than this film will probably sit just fine with you. I, however, appreciate when writers are concerned with logic and character, and when directors are concerned with realistic behavior and actions. Police detectives that don't behave as if they've ever been to a crime scene or found a body before; characters that run, and then stop to let the guy in the mask get closer, so they can run again, and stop - again; adults who will ignore investigating distant screams in the daytime so they can do so in the middle of the night - and drag their niece and young friends along with them: people in a pitch black abandoned asylum who can hide from a stalker with the light from their cameras spilling over everything; frightened people searching a vacant building who, when they see they are not alone aren't inclined to mention it to the others; characters who are presented as so "on edge" as to appear that they, too, are crazy - but then that behavior is never explained or justified (even though it actually makes no sense in the situation other than as a possible red- herring that's never explored); heavy objects that can be manipulated in silence right behind folks by the killer but not by the people themselves - if none of this bothers you, give this movie a try. You might even think it has a surprising twist ending as opposed to what I consider a sloppy, predictable and illogical one. To me, all of the previous examples are excessively lazy filmmaking and it makes for a disappointing waste of an otherwise passable premise for a found footage film. Too bad the filmmakers didn't feel the necessity of making their movie any better than what the least discerning fans of this genre would need.

  • Jumpscare fest


    I'm not going to write about how bad the acting was (i'm a french native speaker) and how dumb the decisions the characters made. No i'm talking about the frigging JUMPSCARES! ENOUGHT WITH THEM! Jumpscares are lazy and are not horror!!! Being startled is NOT being scared!!! This movie packs a ton of them and not just little one: they pop the volume to 11 everytime there's one, so good luck if you watch that move with headphones like i did!!!!

  • Uber creepy entry into the found footage genre


    I should confess I am a found footage junkie so if your looking for hypercritical analysis you'll have to skip this review. I started watching it without hearing anything about it before hand. I saw that it was found footage so I decided to give it a try. Not much in the way of character development but who cares, its a slasher found footage movie I am not looking for backstory....I want carnage. The movie alternates between the police investigating the footage that was found in an abandoned building in the French countryside and what was filmed by our protagonists. Starts out with a group of friends camping for the weekend looking to try out some new video camera's and have some fun. They go explore an abandoned building near their campsite. I'm not going to give much away but the ending was awesome!!!!! Totally did not see that coming. If your a fan of found footage check this out immediately......if you are not this movie will not change your opinion.

  • Just awful


    Absolutely terrible acting. Plot is terrible. Scares are terrible. Nothing really redeemable here. Choose another movie to watch.

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