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Trash (2014)

Trash (2014)

Rickson TevezGabriel WeinsteinMartin SheenRooney Mara
Stephen Daldry,Christian Duurvoort


Trash (2014) is a Portuguese,English movie. Stephen Daldry,Christian Duurvoort has directed this movie. Rickson Tevez,Gabriel Weinstein,Martin Sheen,Rooney Mara are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Trash (2014) is considered one of the best Adventure,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

When two trash-picking boys from Rio's slums find a wallet in amongst the daily detritus of their local dump, little do they imagine that their lives are about to change forever. But when the local police show up, offering a handsome reward for the wallet's return, the boys, Rafael and Gardo, realize that what they've found must be important.


Trash (2014) Reviews

  • It's a nine!


    I'm Portuguese and i speak reasonably well English. So i was able to watch this movie with no subtitles. Thanks God! The subtitling was awful, translating Portuguese to English. How can i resume this movie? Tropa de Elite meets Da Vinci Code? Weird no? No, nothing like that. This is an amazing picture of poverty, hope, friendship and trying to do the right thing, no matter what. It's hard to me to explain why i loved this movie. But i have no trouble to explain the main message: Brazil is a corrupt and dangerous country, not because of the common thieves, of the poor people, but because of the corrupt police and the rich and powerful people. A poor thief could steal a couple of bucks, a rich one could steal millions.

  • Uplifting Brazilian Film of slums, corruption and friendship


    Set in the rubbish tips of Rio, two friends – Raphael and Gardo- discover a wallet that has ended up in the trash. They know it is a windfall but then the cops turn up offering a large reward and Raphael thinks there is more to this than meets the eye. So they enlist the help of a diseased sewer kid called Rato and go off to discover its secrets. There is a lot packed into this extremely well made film. Martin Sheen appears as a Priest who is helping the poor and Rooney Mara brings some glamour amidst the rubbish of the slum. There is violence here too and some scenes that should not be in a film that describes itself as a comedy. But that said this has a bit of everything. The young boys carry the story and are all excellent – the cinematography is rather special too especially making the flotsam and detritus floating on a polluted river seem almost beautiful. It is a bit overly sentimental but no where near as much as say 'Slumdog Millionaire', and it is totally forgivable once taken in context. I did though really enjoy this film, it is in Portuguese with a fair amount of English and it runs to 114 minutes – all of which is put to great use. I also saw someone in the credits called 'Wellington Pingo' which is the best name ever - probably. This is for those who like a bit of grit, dirt, strong storyline and a rollicking ride – completely recommended.

  • You'll find yourself talking out loud in the cinema


    A brilliantly exciting film from start to finish. The three boys are a triumph, and the way the film handles them, and uses their emotional closeness, their friendship, is a credit to Director Stephen Daldry and his crew, as well as to the three boys themselves, recruited from the streets of Brazil. The story jumps from one level of excitement to the next in a series of clever set pieces that, at the same time as they increase the tension to almost unbearable levels, answer the questions raised by the mystery; what exactly is the significance of what the boys find, as they comb through the giant mountains of trash, trying to earn enough to eat from recycling plastic and tin? The chase scenes through the favelas are exhilarating. Literally, you find yourself talking out loud. The film is a celebration of Andy Mulligan's stunning novel of the same name.

  • Powerful subject


    This is a powerful drama about 3 rag pickers. These boys discovers a wallet in the dump yard which forms the baseline for the story. It involves a lot into corruption, bribe in Brazil. The senior cast like Sheen & Rooney are good. But it is basically the 3 boys who steer the movie forward. In spite of their lack of knowledge in English, the way they coordinate is superb. The only thought that carries them forward is the right path. And since they feel this is the right path, they go ahead with it in-spite of the problems they would face. I would suggest this movie to anybody. Reminds me of the City of Gods which was also very powerful. Thumbs up for the director and the 3 boys!!!

  • An upbeat and less raw version of City of God


    "Anyone who touches that wallet; I want them dead." Ever since his feature film debut in 2000, Billy Elliot, Stephen Daldry's movies have either been nominated for Best Picture or for Best Director. He followed up the success of Billy Elliot with The Hours, The Reader, and Extremely Loud Incredibly Close. His latest film, Trash, which takes place in Brazil and is almost entirely in Portuguese, ends his Oscar nomination streak (although it was nominated for the Bafta Awards), but it does borrow some common themes from most of his past works. The lead characters are children and the story has an upbeat message despite the subject matter. The screenplay was adapted by Richard Curtis from Andy Mulligan's 2010 novel and some may find some plot similarities between this film and Meirelles's City of God, although Trash is much more upbeat and less raw. The three lead characters played by children are extremely charismatic and despite not being professional actors they carry the movie. Perhaps my greatest complaint is that given the subject matter the film doesn't seem raw enough. These characters live off the trash dump but the film looks too impeccable and clean. It's just a minor complaint because for the most part I was entertained with the story, but it doesn't come close to reaching the rawness of City of God. The film opens with a man on the run from police authorities. Jose Angelo (Wagner Moura, who international audiences may recognize from Elite Squad) has hidden something and the police seem desperate to locate it. As they close in on him Jose spots a garbage truck and tosses his wallet towards it before he is captured. Frederico (Selton Mello) apprehends Jose and begins torturing him for information on what they are looking for. In the next scene we follow the waste truck as it is dumping the trash and several people gather around it looking for food or anything useful. A twelve year old kid named Raphael (Rickson Tevez) finds the wallet which contains some money and a special key. He holds on to it and tells his best friend Gardo (Eduardo Luis) about his discovery. They have no idea what the key opens so they decide to tell another of their friends about the mystery. Rato (Gabriel Weinstein), who lives in the sewers knows exactly what the key is for and he wants to split the findings with them so he joins the adventure. Things gets complicated however when Frederico arrives at the dumping site and offers a reward for anyone who finds the wallet. From that point on the kids don't only have to try to solve the mystery, but try to avoid being caught by the police in the process. The plot involving the key may seem similar to Daldry's previous film, Extremely Loud Incredibly Close, which focuses on a kid trying to discover what the key opens across New York City, but in this case we discover it pretty early on in the film, but the discovery leads to more mystery and thrills. The three lead characters are much more charismatic and the film delivers several funny moments. It is an engaging thriller that gradually build the suspense, but unfortunately the ending is a bit far fetched and stretched out. Martin Sheen and Rooney Mara have supporting performances as he plays Father Julliard and she an English teacher named Olivia who is doing volunteer work. Both end up involved in the case when they decide to help the kids out in different ways. Despite these familiar faces, the true stars of the film are Tevez, Luis, and Weinstein who bring a lot of charisma and innocence to the story. The film's message is heavy handed as it is a social cry against political corruption and it is juxtaposed against these innocent children who feel like they are being crushed by the unfair system. The film never feels raw enough to convey that strong emotional message, but it is presented in such a way that feels upbeat and entertaining nonetheless. Trash is worth a watch for the performances of these young actors and the gorgeous cinematography capturing the beauty of Brazil. There are also some very interesting and well filmed chase sequences that help build the overall suspense and thrills that the film delivers. http://estebueno10.blogspot.com/


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