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Winter Castle (2019)

Winter Castle (2019)

Emilie UllerupKevin McGarryMeghan HeffernHabree Larratt
Marita Grabiak


Winter Castle (2019) is a English movie. Marita Grabiak has directed this movie. Emilie Ullerup,Kevin McGarry,Meghan Heffern,Habree Larratt are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Winter Castle (2019) is considered one of the best Drama,Family,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Jenny is thrilled when her sister Meg, decides to have a destination wedding at an ice hotel. Her sister is just as excited to set Jenny up with the best man, Craig, a widowed (and apparently) single dad who she claims is "perfect" for Jenny. When Jenny arrives at the ice hotel it's even more magical than she had imagined. Jenny's hopes of romance are quickly dashed when she is introduced to Craig's "plus one," Lana who arrives in faux furs and slightly orange from too much self-tanner. Between their mutual excitement over their surroundings and their duties as bridesmaid and best man, Jenny and Craig find themselves constantly thrown together - making it hard for Jenny to ignore their obvious connection as they try everything offered from ice sculpting to dog sledding and even snow tubing. With the wedding just a day away, the cold Lana has been fending off all week takes hold and she returns to California. Before she leaves, Craig has an honest moment with her and admits he doesn't ...


Winter Castle (2019) Reviews

  • If only happily ever afters were that easy.


    Jenny is a bridesmaid to her sister's destination wedding at a ice hotel. Meg, the bride, plans to set her up with Craig, the best man, only to find out later that he brought a plus one. Meanwhile, inspired by the place and the adventures Jenny plans to write a children's book to persue her dream: become an author (Bree O'brien, hello?) The story was nice. No major plot holes to complain about. Generally speaking, it was a stardard hallmark movie. I really enjoyed it. The best part was definitely the locations the shot at: the ice hotel was real, the landscape was breathtaking. That was a big contribution to the story. (Of course, it's a winter movie) Emilie Ullerup always delivers enthusiasm with her characters which is greatly appreciated. I always enjoyed her performance. I'm glad they are giving her more lead roles. Regarding the rest of the characters, Kevin McGarry didn't let the spectator down with his performance as a single father (to an adorable girl Sara who filled the movie with joy and happiness). And the rest of the secondary characters were alright. (Wasn't the mother too young though?) The chemistry between Emilie and Kevin was fine. Finally, I actually feel bad for Lana, "the plus one date", kudos to the actress for that. Give it a try.

  • I'll pass on watching it again


    I love Hallmark movies. I watch any new ones they have for that season and trust there are a lot of them. That being said I saw this one when it premiered. The hotel and scenery is what made this movie. The hotel was awesome not somewhere I would visit since I hate the cold but I thought it was truly exceptional. Other than the hotel and scenery this movie wasn't anything special. I found it kind of boring. The hotel was the main story for me, the actual movie was more of a backstory for me. This movie was missing something, it's possible it was the chemistry or something. The male main character fell short for me. I didn't enjoy him and I felt like it was a miscast. He was just terribly written he brought some one he was just "friends" with to a romantic weekend. He was just fickle and kind of dumb the whole movie, it became clear to me that I see why he needs help to raise his daughter. He was a moron. The concept of this movie and story didn't mix well. I don't mind cheesy and predictable romances if it is carried by a good story, good acting and chemistry. Unfortunately, they were missing all that. I'm not sure if hallmark are trying to spit out too many movies in a year that they are sacrificing the quality of movies for the quantity of them.

  • I'm sorry we're supposed to believe that actress who played Jenny's mother is old enough?


    Jenny looks older than the woman playing her mother. Seriously Hallmark you can't give an appropriately aged actress a break and hire her for the job? I can't even get past it was so freaking ridiculous. Oh and Jenny and her sister were clearly channeling Regina George in Mean Girls and how they treated poor Lana.

  • Amazing hotel


    Hallmark movies frequently have nice scenery. This time it is a man made structure, the Hotel de Glace. I can't imagine staying there. Brr. But it would be so interesting. The movie is pretty standard and no real surprises. Habree Larratt, as Sara, adds a little to the story as cute kids often do. Emilie Ullerup and Kevin McGarry connect as the leads. Ullerup's enthusiasm and optimism are a real plus for the movie. All through the movie, I felt bad for Lana. She appears to be a nice person who has given much of herself for Craig and Sara. She lacks Jenny's excitement, but she's been close to the family for years. I cringed a little at how much Jenny's sister marginalized Lana and totally pushed Jenny to pursue Craig at Lana's expense. The trope of an existing rival is common in these movies, but it they don't usually seem so worthwhile as an alternative for the applicable lead. I'm a little old school in that I'm not a fan of pursuing a romantic interest who is already hooked up. And Jenny was a little wishy-washy about the issue.

  • Bleah - spoilers


    Ok, I love this actress. And MOST of this story is okay. But Lana leaves because the daughter likes Jenny? The dad doesn't kiss Jenny because he believes the daughter prefers Lana? It's one thing for Lana to accept defeat and leave....but the dad is a wimp. A wuss. A lame duck. Who wants a man who doesn't move heaven and earth to be with you? I read a lot of sweet romances. I'm a Hallmark channel addict. I even write cheesy Christmas romances. I can only hope these reviews get back to Hallmark and they make their main characters interesting and believable again.


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