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Blur (2007)

Salvator XuerebMichael SorvinoWendy CarterJana Kolesárová
Nick Briscoe


Blur (2007) is a English movie. Nick Briscoe has directed this movie. Salvator Xuereb,Michael Sorvino,Wendy Carter,Jana Kolesárová are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2007. Blur (2007) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Artist Adrian Jonas toils in preparation for the biggest gallery opening of his career. The creative process takes Adrian deep into the depths of his mind, where he begins to experience premonitions of a terrible fate that awaits his beloved Iliana. Adrian grows to suspect that a mysterious neighbor is the phantom who means to harm his wife. Compounding the danger, a masquerade party planned for that evening allows unwanted guests to mingle unnoticed. As his premonitions begin to come true, Adrian races to interpret his visions while there is still time to cheat fate.

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  • We need to get rid of the body!


    "We need to get rid of the body!" It is at this exact point in the movie, right after that line is said, that everyone who was watching burst out laughing. It doesn't make any sense. I'll call that the breaking point. I can break this movie down into three parts. What happens before the breaking point, after the breaking point and then the ending. The first part of the movie basically consisted of a bunch of nothing happening. An hour of a guy who supposedly has " a thousand things to do" but really doesn't do much of anything. You meet his neighbor who is somewhat humorous and the only reason I didn't fall asleep. Also some nudity for no apparent reason except to keep the men watching awake. It really seems like you are watching what happens in between the "action". I also need to mention that whoever did the soundtrack to this movie must have been like 12 years old. Very odd music. somewhat porno sounding. and it is Always playing! After the breaking point, it turned into a bunch of bad movie clichés. They do and say stuff so ridiculous that you just have to laugh! The third part is the ending which tries to save the movie. The ending is actually good enough for me not to rate this a 1. But besides The Sixth Sense, I'm not a fan of M. Night Shyamalan type movies. (Bore you to tears for over an hour and a half and then try a surprise to save the movie.) But it did explain some things and the very last scenes cleared up some confusion. I wouldn't recommend this. Completely boring!

  • Don't see this movie


    I am glad that I didn't pay to see this movie. This movie seems to be made by the bunch of film student straight out of school. Story is incoherent and totally meaningless. Actors are not beliavable and especially artist(Salvator Xuereb) is just delivering a stereotypical performance. Whole movie was basically just depiction of some painting, paranoia, partying and crying over a dead body. Music was totally of the mood. There was like action music on suspenseful moments. I was left with an impression that composer probably didn't see the movie when he was making music. Definitely the highlight of the movie was when charming young Allyssa(Nicole Rayburn) was posing naked - such beauty! And art works in the movie weren't that bad. This movie could serve well as a example how to not make a movie.

  • Solid debut film...


    I thought Blur was a solid debut film for Nick Briscoe. Well written with a great storyline and a twist ending that no one would expect. The directing is good that you find it hard to believe that it is his debut film. The camera angles, lighting, and editing are all superior to what you would expect from a small independent film. The acting is a little on the amateur side, which is the only thing that keeps this film from being a 10. But that is to be expected in a small indie film such as this. If you like suspense films and surprise endings in the tradition of The Sixth Sense, I highly recommend checking out Blur. All things considered, I would say you can expect great things from Nick Briscoe and Belvedere Films in the future. Given a much larger budget, I believe the sky is the limit.

  • Go to an art museum instead!


    I thought that the hideous red face on the main character's canvas looked familiar so I looked it up and, yes, it's almost line for line the famous sketch "Head studies" by Leonardo da Vinci at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. Of course, it could be just a coincidence, but I think it's a subliminal message, something like, "Go to the museum, go to the museum, don't waste your money, don't waste your money..." Anyway, it starts out interesting, with good acting on the part of a group of interesting practically unknowns. Then it ever so slowly gets spookier and cornier in a grossly subtle and confusing fashion. They use lots of contrived false leads to nowhere in particular until the end, when it slaps you in the face and blatantly says to you, "You should have gone to the museum, you wasted your money..." I just wish I could spoil the ending for you, but for the most part, it was so boring that it's a blur.

  • Great Low-budget Film!


    I am always intrigued to watch low-budget films and to see how, if at all, they make up for the tight budget. For a low-budget film and a director's debut, this film exceeds any marginal expectations and delightfully presents a chilling tale through a very unique, visual approach. From the beginning of the film, director Nick Briscoe, captures the mood with a style that is very much reminiscent of Hitchcock in the way the camera slowly tampers with the feelings of the characters who remain at an unusual, or at times, uneasy distance from the audience. As a result, it is a technique that, much like the master of suspense created, divides voyeurism from paranoia. However, in Blur, Briscoe tells the story through visual images which represent more than just the aforementioned characteristic. As the story takes us through a mystified vision of the main character's paranoia and sexual illusions, we are presented with the idea of an identity becoming blurred. During the scene at the party, with everyone dressed up and wearing masks, references toward Greek mythology are presented and suggests the main message of the story. However, what makes this low-budget film impressive, is that the story succeeds in creating ambiguity, forcing us to find a specific message found through visual representations, and by looking underneath the surface. Even though it may seem like a simple story, there is a strange complexity in the way the film is structured. Highly recommend it!

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