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Remote Viewing (2018)

Sarah AgorKaroly BieganowskiKammy BurnettAndrea Corscadden
Stuart Paul


Remote Viewing (2018) is a English movie. Stuart Paul has directed this movie. Sarah Agor,Karoly Bieganowski,Kammy Burnett,Andrea Corscadden are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Remote Viewing (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

A group of misfit filmmakers document their experiments with remote viewing; the alleged paranormal ability to perceive remote or hidden targets by using extrasensory perception.

Remote Viewing (2018) Reviews

  • Same old...


    Poor acting, confused story and execution. Also, the fake review tells you what a POS this 'film' is without looking any further. Not worth watching.

  • 1 star reviews are spot-on.


    Props are laughable. I think they must have borrowed props from a high school drama club. Acting is mediocre at best, and some of it is textbook bad acting. Devices are ham-handed. There are no plot complications, just plot ideas thrown in for idk, artistic effect or lack of self control. Looking for something positive to say here... Hmmm. Might have to get back to you on that one. Towards the end, I started wondering if Remote Viewing is just a film makers hoax, where they just are trying to waste as much of your time as possible. Like a directors version of a crank call, but less fun than calling a mortuary and asking for group rates. Just when I thought it could not get worse, I check the reviews and guess what? One of the actors gave it a positive review. Are you kidding me? Ridiculous. Don't call attention to yourself here Tim. You should just hope this thing fades into the memory hole. Tell everyone you were in college and just "experimenting" or something if Remote Viewing ever comes up. There was nothing believable anywhere along the way. The story in concept? I don't know because everything else was just so horrible. It probably works out as a great story in a 12 year old writers head, who made the film as a horror movie for 8 year olds. And I mean 8 year old amish kids, because even coca cola commercials are scarier than this waste of time. OH! Positive idea here: I would recommend watching this to any discouraged aspiring film maker. No matter how bad your project is, watching this film should make you feel better about your writing/directing skills, and inspire you that you are not literally the worst there ever was.

  • Someone Needs to Add "Comedy" to the Tags


    This movie tried to play like a documentary film, but it constantly took you out of that medium by making it abundantly clear that everyone was acting -- and I mean over the top community theater style acting. Exaggerated characters, unbelievable responses, and that ridiculous adventure soundtrack, it just ruined the whole concept. Maybe it could have worked with one or two "aw shucks" funny guys, like the main old dude, but everyone else was just trying too hard. I couldn't get into it. It was so cringe and I wasn't in the mood, so I shut it off after 30 minutes. Surprised I got that far.

  • Stay away


    Video quality is subpar and the sound wasnt cleaned up at all. This film is only a notch above some friends cooking up a story one night and going out to shoot it the next day. Im sure some work had to go into putting all this together, and anyone who does, deserves some kind of credit but the acting was 'blegh' the story was 'blegh' and the execution was less than 'meh'. Points for making your own dreams come true and entertaining yourselves but the problem is that it wont entertain anyone else at this level and quality. I think the money and time and resources would have been better spent trying to pitch this to a studio, any studio; even The Asylum might have put together something barely worth the audiences time. The issue isnt money, its story and story telling. You guys did nothing to draw the audience in with the story other than a botched film shoot and botched RV class with a few sprinkled in scenes of the younger 'friends' or coworkers or whatever. Not sure how many takes there were but the acting from every single person was pretty bad to terrible. There was no tension. Without going into a mode where Im beating on this movie, it was like a stale cracker or a flat soda, so flat, flavorless, tasteless. Want to see a film done on zero budget by a bunch of kids I was able to sit through, and at the end ask for more? Youtube > Year Six. A short with atmosphere and a story and MC to care about.

  • Ordinary friendship biography and documentary


    Nothing special or interesting. Not even a movie, but a video. This should be put on youtube as vlog. Genre is documentary and biography. There is very little comedy, and no any horror. It's about making movies by amateurs, something even kids are capable of doing these days. The only reason why I am giving one more star is because there were some positivity at the end as their reaction to being rich. All in all, not worth watching, nothing to see here, just ordinary life and reactions you can see in your life or your boring friends, well maybe even more boring. Looks like kids playing.

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