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Love at First Bark (2017)

Love at First Bark (2017)

Jana KramerKevin McGarryAnna Van HooftNatasha Burnett
Mike Rohl


Love at First Bark (2017) is a English movie. Mike Rohl has directed this movie. Jana Kramer,Kevin McGarry,Anna Van Hooft,Natasha Burnett are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Love at First Bark (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Portland interior designer Julia Galvins adopts a dog and seeks the help of expert and handsome dog trainer Owen Michaels. When she is hired to design a nursery and a "puppery," as well as plan a puppy shower fund-raiser for a pregnant client and her pregnant dog, Julia asks Owen's advice, and their friendship just might turn into something more.


Love at First Bark (2017) Reviews

  • Banal and Boring


    Love at First Bark is one of Hallmark's more mediocre offerings. Other than some cute dogs and the odd dog-training tutorial, this one has nothing at all to recommend it. It is a very lazy effort with a cookie cutter script and unremarkable leads. Usually one can find something to like in these things: a little unexpected twist, appealing actors, some cute lines, an old favorite star in a secondary role, some genuine chemistry between the leads, a villain you love to hate, a heart-tugging moment, etc. etc. This one was a complete waste of time. The heroine is particularly annoying. She stubbornly refuses a handsome and sweet dog-trainer's help in getting her new pooch under control until she finally changes her mind. She is very immature about her business and her love life. When she sees her new boyfriend who is obviously and unaccountably in love her being nice to his ex-wife, she goes to pieces. He has outright told her he no longer has any interest in his ex and why. She sees his ex give him a smooch in the middle of a crowded party. This is so upsetting to her that she offends a valuable and much needed client and petulantly breaks up with the dog trainer on the spot. She shuts him down when he literally begs her to listen. Very mean and unreasonable. He is very confused and doesn't understand. She passive aggressively tells him that she needs to focus on her new business (after she just dissed a potential client, mind you) and doesn't have time for a relationship. Unfortunately for him, she apologizes soon after and he stupidly takes her back. That is all. As another reviewer noted, and adding to the irritating nature of this Hallmance, are Julia's false eyelashes. They are so thick and long that she could literally sweep the floor with them. They deserve a cast credit of their very own. It gets 3 stars from me because the dog trainer/love interest was a super nice guy and very good looking. The rest of the cast was also very competent.

  • Nice, but too slow


    It's not a bad movie, but it is a slow one. The story has a lot of promise and showcases pet care, but the tedious time wasting become aggravating at times. That and the leading lady's eyelashes. They've put eyelashes on her the size of the great wall of china; I'm surprised she could open her eye lids. In the scenes, that is all you see - her eye lashes. All those outdoors scenes, and the focus is her eye lashes. Dogs are fun to watch; very well trained and beautiful animals, lovely homes and rooms. Just could have moved along a little faster, with more of a story line than people fumbling over words to each other in the early Duhh stage of romance.

  • Throughly Enjoyable


    If you're a fan of Hallmark movies, this will not disappoint you. Julie, an interior designer, left her job at a large company to branch out on her own. She decided it would be the ideal time to adopt a dog since she was working from home. Realizing she was not very good at controlling her new dog, she took up an offer from Owen, a handsome dog trainer to help her. In the meantime, Julia has a hard time finding design work but strikes up a conversation with a woman at the dog park who is in need of a designer for her baby nursery. The chemistry between Owen and Julia was very believable, and the story had charm. The dog was adorable too!

  • boring and slow


    The movie progresses real slow. From the beginning itself, it does not pique my interest. I feel the movie has no real story, a new dog owner falling for the dog trainer, boring old concept. With an interesting script, it could have been entertaining but it was not.

  • Boring


    I love dogs and really wanted to like this movie. Jana Kramer is so boring in the leading role that I could barely get through it. She adopts a dog. Why? She's obviously not comfortable loving him. She's mechanical and has absolutely no passion. This was really hard to watch. Where's Alicia Witt or Lacey Chabert in these Winterfest movies?


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