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Residue (2015)

Residue (2015)

Natalia TenaIwan RheonJamie DravenDanny Webb
Alex Garcia Lopez


Residue (2015) is a English movie. Alex Garcia Lopez has directed this movie. Natalia Tena,Iwan Rheon,Jamie Draven,Danny Webb are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Residue (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

An unnamed UK metropolis. The future. Renowned photojournalist JENNIFER PRESTON is investigating the aftermath of a terrible explosion that ripped through the city on New Year's Eve. Known simply as 'The Catastrophe', this shocking tragedy has left behind a festering wound. The city is on edge, thousands have evacuated and a sprawling, militarized Quarantine Zone has been erected around the epicentre of the blast. The 'QZ', as it becomes known, is a network of empty buildings and abandoned streets, shrouded beneath clinical plastic and fenced in behind impenetrable barricades. Heavily armed security units ensure that nobody goes in and nobody comes out. As unexplained and increasingly bizarre acts of violence erupt across the city, Jennifer begins to notice strange, ephemeral phantoms in her photographs. What begins as an artistic documentation of The Catastrophe's lingering aftershock soon becomes an obsession with 'The Phenomenon' - a seeming paranormal phenomenon gripping the ...


Residue (2015) Reviews

  • It's a Pilot People!!!


    Just wanted to to say to all those reviewers that keep saying things like 'It's ambiguous,' 'It feels like nothing was resolved,' and 'I'm no wiser at the end as to what the explanation was "The thing I had envisioned was quite a long story. The movie that I was pitching them was essentially the beginning of the mythology, and with success we would have the opportunity to do more, so television sounded really exciting to me, given how it has evolved over the past several years — the novelization of television. Also, many of the networks are really getting creatively engaged with genre material, which was not always true in the early 2000s and going back." And: "It's really only the beginning of the story, according to Walls. "'Residue' Season 1 is really an extended pilot and should be thought of that way," she said. "Netflix don't necessarily do the Amazon- style pilot season. But 'Residue' is really more in that model where these first three chapters are live before the existence of a full season." So now you can all stop moaning about it and trying to be clever! And get to supporting it so the rest of the story is resolved - with a full series! http://www.indiewire.com/article/how-to-sell-a-TV-show-to-netflix- 20150401

  • Slick production, great cast, left me wanting more of this TV pilot


    I sat through all the 3 TV episodes on Netflix in one sitting over Easter. Being a Game of Thrones fan was enough to get me to watch it plus Mr Lopez always does good stuff like Utopia and Misfits. Thought it was beautifully shot and well cast - the story left you wondering a little what really went on - but its a pilot - so you'll either want more of it or not. Hoping they'll make more. Had me hooked. Bit spooky in places. Reminded me a little of blade runner at times, but not that far in the future. I'm always looking for good new stuff on Netflix and this one did the job. I'd watch this again or the next series if they make more. Right....whats next on netflix for me to watch?

  • Seriously fantastic pilot!


    It is incredibly difficult to find great TV shows that don't follow the boring format that most TV shows are cursed with. Having a 3 part pilot gives a great start to the series. You actually have time to get to know and care about the characters. The acting was wonderful and I enjoyed the plot and dialog. Very interesting and peeked my curiosity within the first few minutes. I think people could be confused if they did not know this was a pilot and a 2nd season with 10 planned episodes is in the works with Netflix at the helm. Highly recommend!

  • How To Sell A TV Show to Netflix!


    I've not seen the movie but I did check out the 3 part pilot on Netflix. Seems like the same project? I didn't realize Netflix were backing pilots but I think this is a really exciting step if they are. This show has solid foundations for a pretty great ongoing TV show and feels fresh coming out of the UK. I read the director has a background on Utopia and Misfits which makes more sense of this project's visual style and themes. I also read an article on indiewire 'How To Sell A TV Show to Netflix" http://www.indiewire.com/article/how-to-sell-a-TV-show-to-netflix- 20150401 and was pretty blown away about the journey that this took. It was a movie, and an extended TV pilot at the same time. That's pretty ballsy. I imagine the TV show plays better than the movie - there isn't really one central character you can get on board with in the way that you need to in a movie - but there is certainly a lot here to merit this project and make me want to see more. I think there is a lot of promise here for the future. A great looking, seedy, future-city, and a pretty amazing quarantine zone top my favorite things about this so far.

  • Beautiful movie, but left things a lil too ambiguous for my tastes


    You'll recognize both the leads from Game of Thrones, and they do a good job in their respective roles. The characters feel a bit underdeveloped, and I'd hoped they'd at least compensate on the plot end of things... But alas, by the end of the movie you're really none the wiser as to why the catastrophe took place to begin with. It felt like they sorta ripped off that movie "Pulse" and other "ghost possession" movies out there. Sure, they did it really stylishly & there are a couple of creative and honestly disturbing deaths. This whole movie is exquisitely shot and edited, and these are the reasons I give this movie a 6.5 and not a lower score... If I was to base my opinion purely on strength of the plot, it would be considerably lower.. I will say that I am not the type of movie-goer who has to be spoon-fed a plot and can't read subtext... I understand the film was ambiguous intentionally, but I just didn't feel much satisfaction leaving this movie with more questions than answers. So, it's worth a look if your into arty paranormal stuff, but don't expect to get any type of resolution or explanation for the events in the film.


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