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War Raiders (2018)

War Raiders (2018)

Steve DiasparraTitus HimmelbergerNoyes J. LawtonNicholas Olson
Mark Polonia


War Raiders (2018) is a English movie. Mark Polonia has directed this movie. Steve Diasparra,Titus Himmelberger,Noyes J. Lawton,Nicholas Olson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. War Raiders (2018) is considered one of the best Action movie in India and around the world.

Eastern Europe, 1944. The Allies successfully bomb a dam in France, wiping out a German installation, concealing secret codes valuable for Allied decoding. A rogue band of soldiers is sent to retrieve the codes from a hidden vault in the flooded towns ruins and bring them back to the Allied headquarters. Along the way they must fight off pockets of Nazi resistance and stay alive.


War Raiders (2018) Reviews

  • Ed Wood would have been embarassed by this "movie"


    While this film has the look and feel of something that might have been slapped together by a couple of kids with a camcorder, playing war in their backyard.... that comparison might actually be an insult to a couple of kids with a camcorder, playing war in their backyard. The writer could not write a coherent script. The actors can not act and they stumble through their poorly written lines. The film maker's complete lack of understanding how to make a film is only matched by his complete lack of knowledge about World War Two. This no budget production of a World War Two film that looks more like four guys pretending to be soldiers in someone's backyard actually lacks the production values that most no budget films have. There is zero effort put into any attempt to make this look like it is the 1940's. Not a single character or extra is wearing anything that remotely resembles an actual WW2 uniform. Weapons, uniforms, and other props are all also from different eras. As an example, the main character, "sarge," wears a purple t-shirt, green sweat pants, a belt of machine-gun ammo (even though they have no machine-gun) under his jacket so it can't be accessed, and a toy plastic helmet on his head. The field radio prop they use is a 1970's transistor radio with a corded telephone handset taped to it. When not using lame flame filter effects on the screen to try to simulate combat, in true Ed Wood fashion, the film constantly cuts to various pieces of stock footage of combat, reenactments, or training to try (unsuccessfully) to create the illusion that the characters are interacting with what is happening in the stock footage. As bad as their attempt to blend stock footage into the action is, it is made worse by the fact that much of the stock footage has nothing to do with World War Two. They use footage from World War One reenactments and even use modern combat and training footage. This is less of a review than it is a warning.... stay away.

  • Amateur war effort


    WAR RAIDERS: FINAL COUNTDOWN is a WW2 action movie shot on an indie budget, so it's as bad as you'd expect. A quartet of American soldiers head into occupied territory in order to retrieve some secret Nazi codes. The whole thing looks like it was shot on a paintball site out in the woods somewhere. There's little decent story, no action, and no discernable acting talent; a dud, in other words.

  • Funny for the first 3 minutes


    It opens with a guy in a "uniform" (everyone's dressed completely randomly) that looks like it came from a fancy dress store, shouting "nazi scum" and "I'm gonna kill more Krauts" and goes downhill from there. A lot of the props are toys and the helmets look like upturned flowerpots. The reviewer who gave this 10/10 is probably the directors mother. Watch the first few minutes for a laugh but move on quickly!

  • Oh my gosh it's not good news!


    Shockingly bad I lasted three minutes in this movie with the uniforms are brand new the guns don't even sound right when they're shooting the 3-D graphics in the movie are laughable the acting is laughable and the script is laughable! I think kids probably in the drama class could've done this 10 times better sorry I couldn't last past three minutes!



    Read the headline , That's the best I could say about this crappy movie

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