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Christmas on Holly Lane (2018)

Christmas on Holly Lane (2018)

Sarah LancasterKaren HolnessGina HoldenJaime M. Callica
Michael M. Scott


Christmas on Holly Lane (2018) is a English movie. Michael M. Scott has directed this movie. Sarah Lancaster,Karen Holness,Gina Holden,Jaime M. Callica are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Christmas on Holly Lane (2018) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Three childhood friends, Sarah, Riley and Cat, with fond memories of Christmas at Sarah's house, come together as adults to save Sarah's home in the hopes of having many more beautiful Christmases together.

Christmas on Holly Lane (2018) Reviews

  • Strange location error


    From 12.22 through 12.28 into the movie, there is a street scene with a bus passing by that has nothing to do with the movie's North American (Canadian) location. What drew my attention was the typically European pedestrian crossing sign. A couple of seconds later, there is a bus passing by, with an indication on it that looks Norwegian or maybe Swedish, not to mention the European style license plate. Why did they insert such a scene?

  • Beautiful story. Heartwarming.


    Loved this creative story of love and compassion, about real people.

  • Lovely Christmas story


    Loved this charming Christmas story. The relationship between the three friends was heartwarming, and I especially loved the story between Jake and Riley. Jake was extremely charming, I couldn't get enough of him!!!!

  • Sweet sappy movie with sappy ending


    Life is hard and for much of this movie, that was the story for the three women. But as they declared as teens, these three unrelated women are family and good family trumps everything. If you don't like sappy, pie-in=the-sky, I don't think you will like this movie. Like most movies produced for UPTV and Hallmark, realism has no place, at least not at the end. At least two people do complete personality 180's instantly, which usually drives me nuts, but in this case I just went with it. There are many very sweet moments. (BTW, I really would have like to have seen the chauvinist boss get more clearly brought down for his blatant sexual-harassing behavior. It's not clear whether that was a factor or not.)

  • A heartwarming story


    This Christmas film warmed my heart with its heartfelt relationships between high school friends, mothers and daughters. Childhood friends vow to always decorate the 'house on Holly Lane' and after many years of having separate lives, the three friends come together again for the holiday season. There are several strong storylines and a lot of heart in the stories! I particularly enjoyed the restaurant re-launch. I hope there is a sequel next year and the characters come together again :)


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